Children’s poor self-control ability, novelty stationery distracts them

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

This semester has started for nearly a week, and the students have happily entered the new semester's study life with the newly purchased stationery. However, some parents report that there are more and more patterns of stationery nowadays, which can be used as both stationery and toys, which makes children easily distracted in their studies. Parents are quite annoyed by this. Recently, a disturbing incident occurred in the life of citizen Ms. Zhang, “When school started, we brought our grandson and bought a lot of stationery. Now it’s good. Every day when we do homework, we have to fiddle with the pencil case and eraser for a while. There is an automatic pen, which delays a lot of time for homework.' Ms. Zhang told reporters that when school started, she and her husband accompanied her grandson to buy new schoolbags and new stationery in the stationery store. In order to make grandson happy, all the stationery is chosen by grandson himself. Unexpectedly, these stationery are not only good-looking, but some can also be used as toys. 'The pencil case can automatically eject the pencil sharpener and the eraser case. The mechanical pencil has a cartoon figure that can be rotated, and the eraser is in the shape of a pistol... If there is no parental supervision and only these stationery, he can play for a long time before writing homework, every day I have to watch my homework and I’m exhausted.” Ms. Zhang said that watching her children do homework every day has become a “difficult job” for the adults in the family. She also thought about replacing her children’s stationery. But on the one hand, Don't talk about wasting money, on the other hand, the child also disagrees and has to give up.   The reporter learned through interviews that the phenomenon of 'toyization' of stationery is very common nowadays. A reporter in a large supermarket on Wanxi Road saw that a full-featured stationery box, a pencil sharpener made into a cartoon image, pencils and erasers of different images were all available, not to mention a variety of popular cartoon designs. School bags, notebooks and watercolor pens. The staff in the supermarket told reporters that the more fancy and “playable” stationery, the more popular the younger children are. A reporter from a stationery shop at the entrance of Gaocheng Middle School found that few students are interested in the affordable, simple-looking fountain pens and notebooks. The shop owner revealed: “Generally speaking, stationery produced by regular manufacturers are relatively simple in appearance. Some stationery with novel styles are often produced by unknown manufacturers, but children like to sell more, so we have to consider this when we purchase goods. One point. '   Children like 'toy' stationery, but parents are worried about this. 'My child is still in elementary school, and his self-control ability is inherently poor. Too novel stationery tends to distract her, so we are very worried, but there is no good solution, so it is a headache.' Citizen Mr. Xu told The reporter's own troubles.
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