Children look forward to high-quality Christmas gifts

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

Toys are an indispensable partner in the process of children's growth. They can not only greatly enrich children's lives, but also play an extremely important role in the process of children's physical and mental health. Christmas is approaching, toys are indispensable Christmas gifts for children. However, in recent years, with the development of economy and society, a dazzling array of toys has brought children a colorful life. At the same time, toy export recall notifications caused by substandard or unsafe toys are not uncommon. The 'Regulations on the Recall of Children's Toys' issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine regulates the recall of children's toys, prevents and eliminates the damage that may be caused by the defects of children's toys, and protects the health and safety of children. In the children’s toy recall system, if a child’s toy is found to be defective after investigation, the defect shall be assessed based on the possibility, degree, and scope of damage to the health and safety of the child’s toy, and the recall shall be implemented based on the result of the risk assessment. . The 'Administrative Measures for Children's Toy Recall Information and Risk Assessment' stipulates that risk assessment should consider two factors: the severity of the damage caused by the defect and the possibility of endangering the health and safety of children. At the same time, the risk of defects in children's toys is divided into three levels, and corresponding measures to eliminate defects are taken. The first level is serious risk. Measures should be taken as soon as possible, and all users should be notified in the shortest time possible to prevent and eliminate the damage that may be caused by defects through repair, replacement, and return. The recall completion rate should reach a high level. The second level is medium risk. Take necessary measures, such as stopping sales, supplementing or modifying consumer instructions, issuing product safety warnings, etc. The third level is minor risk. There is no need to take measures for the products being sold, and the producers should improve and perfect the products during the design and production. The safety risk assessment of toy products is based on the risk assessment theory, through simulation experiments and expert decision-making methods in the real use scenarios of the product (including the actual use of the product, use behavior, use environment, etc.), combined with historical data on product quality and safety damage, Risk assessment of hazard factors is an important means to prevent and reduce product quality and safety risks. Use risk assessment methods to fully grasp product safety risks and predict potential harm due to foreseeable misuse environments, so that product designers and developers can adopt effective risk control at the beginning of product quality and safety risks. Measures can fundamentally improve the level of product quality. Recently, quality inspection departments in some places have actively carried out early warning of toy product quality and safety risks. For example, Shanghai issued an early warning of product quality and safety risks to the society on the eve of Children's Day this year. Phthalates are widely used in plastic toys and stationery due to their good plasticity. In order to comprehensively assess the product quality and safety status of children’s plastic toys, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau collected 30 batches of samples from major shopping malls and manufacturing enterprises in the city. 'Determination of phthalate plasticizers' and the EU directive's limit requirements for chemicals, the results showed that 4 batches of samples did not meet the requirements, and the risk level was assessed by experts as low risk. However, phthalate compounds can enter the human body through a variety of ways such as mouth, respiratory tract, intravenous infusion, skin absorption, etc., and have toxic effects on multiple systems of the body, may cause endocrine disorders and hinder the organism's reproductive function. Research experiments have shown that the substance can affect the human hormone system, and is particularly unfavorable for the growth and development of growing young people. By conducting product quality and safety risk assessment and issuing risk warnings, consumers can be reminded to pay attention to the potential dangers toys may bring to children. At the same time, urge toy production and sales companies to take responsibility for product quality and safety, earnestly implement relevant national standards in all aspects of product design, production and sales, and fully consider the requirements for protecting the safety and health of young people and children, and fundamentally eliminate product safety. Hidden dangers.
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