Cherish things and love things, help second-hand toys find a new home

by:Ennas      2021-12-29
The Environmental Protection Agency promotes the recycling of second-hand items and receives many second-hand dolls from people from other counties and cities. After cleaning them up, they help the children's old love find a new home. (Photo by Lu Jinzu)    Do you have dolls and small appliances that you don’t want in your home? The Environmental Protection Agency promotes the 'Cherish and Love Goods and Pass on Second-hand Recycling and Sustainability'. Ai has found a new home. In the first half of this year, it recycled more than 15,000 kilograms of second-hand items. It also built a website called 'Old Love' to deliver second-hand items to those who need it more. Environmental awareness is on the rise, and many people start to start with the details of their lives. The Environmental Protection Agency has received second-hand small and medium-sized dolls from Taipei citizens. As they rarely receive second-hand objects from other counties and cities, the Environmental Protection Agency is very surprised. Taichung City’s 'Green Action' 'Living Hall' is recycled as an export monument.   'No matter how many hands it is, it has its own value.' This Taipei citizen hopes that good things will be shared with more people. The goods are not only used after purchase, but also problems caused by discarding and disposal. The Environmental Protection Agency promotes the recycling of second-hand items, using local recycling, designated delivery and other recycling, centralized selection, cleaning, sorting, and sales through the second-hand item exhibition and sales center, old love and other platforms, and the public recycling or exchanging second-hand items for reuse The concept of philanthropy is gradually implemented in daily life. If there are fluff and plastic toys, small household appliances and other household accessories, tableware, shoes, bags, clothing, books and magazines and other recyclables, the appearance is clean and complete, and the function is normal. You can send it to the EPA Baozhilin 'Second-hand Exhibition' Sales Center' and Beitun Qingjing Park will be delivered at designated locations. (China Times)
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