Chenghai toy product quality rectification centralized joint action has been launched

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

On February 20, the launching ceremony of the centralized joint action to deepen the quality rectification of Chenghai toy products was held in the front square of the Chenghai District Government, which kicked off a new round of toy rectification actions in Chenghai. In order to further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of toy products in Chenghai, improve the level of toy quality and safety, and promote the healthy development of the industry, Shantou Quality Supervision Bureau, in conjunction with local governments and relevant regulatory agencies, has launched a concentrated action on toy product quality rectification. In this centralized rectification operation, one is to further mobilize grassroots town (street) leading cadres, law enforcement officers, production and operators, and industry associations to participate in the rectification action through upper and lower linkages, and form a high-pressure situation of joint management and deepening of rectification; second, it must be adequate Give full play to the advantages of joint law enforcement, and resolutely investigate and deal with a number of illegal cases of manufacturing and selling fakes in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, forming a strong deterrent; Practice, good experience, summarize and refine, and promptly upgrade to policy regulations and system norms; fourth is to strengthen training and assistance, support and guide enterprises to improve production and operation conditions, improve the quality management level of production enterprises, and guide enterprises to develop quality and efficiency the way. Qiu Zhuangsheng attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech on behalf of the Anti-Counterfeiting Office of the Provincial Government and the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau. He pointed out that after years of hard work, Chenghai's toy industry has become an important pillar industry with international influence in Shantou, Guangdong and even the whole country. The hard-won achievements should be cherished; at the same time, in view of the current problems and deficiencies, we should also be sober. Recognize and treat correctly. He requested that we must continue to make great efforts to integrate the industry, overcome the phenomenon of 'multiple, small, scattered, and chaotic' production enterprises, strive to increase industrial concentration, and achieve large-scale and brand-based operations; vigorously promote the formulation and implementation of industry alliance standards , Use alliance standards to standardize production and operation and continuously improve the overall level of the industry; increase investment in the construction of a public technical service platform for the toy industry that integrates inspection and testing, standard formulation and revision, new product research and development, and professional personnel training. Continuous development provides strong technical support and talent support; we must make great efforts to solve the 'bottleneck' problem of toy raw and auxiliary materials supply, and build a centralized and unified raw and auxiliary material supply chain and supply market; we must continue to improve the 3C certification work, It is necessary to strictly control and facilitate enterprises; it is necessary to always maintain a trend of cracking down on counterfeiting and inferiority and to maintain a fair and legal market environment; it is necessary to give full play to the strength of the government, enterprises, industry associations and the public to achieve The quality of toy products should be managed together and the society should be governed together; it is necessary to increase publicity to create a good brand image of Chenghai Toys both domestically and internationally. In recent years, Chenghai District of Shantou City has developed into an important toy production base in the world. Chenghai toy industry has an average annual growth rate of more than 14%. In 2013, its output value has exceeded 30 billion yuan. Its output and output value account for about a quarter of the country. More than 70% of its products are exported to more than 140 countries and regions around the world. The country's first toy 3C certification, the first well-known (famous) trademark in the toy industry, and the first listed company in the toy industry were all born in Chenghai. Chenghai District has also been awarded the title of 'China Toys and Gifts Capital' by relevant industry organizations.
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