Chenghai toy industry extends to creative industries and cultural industries

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

Recently, after Chenghai Shifeng Toys Co., Ltd. developed a Three Kingdoms-themed online war chess game-'Chess War'China's first online and offline simultaneous interactive board game' game. With the development of the animation market becoming more and more mature, Chenghai toy companies have set their sights on 'online games' to further extend and improve the toy industry chain. In recent years, Chenghai District has carefully built a public service network for the animation (toy) creative industry in Chenghai around the implementation of the 'animation and cultural promotion projectAnimation + toys' development model. It is reported that as early as 2008, Chenghai and CCTV Animation Co., Ltd. agreed to establish a strategic partnership, making Chenghai the designated production base for CCTV animation toy products. At present, Chenghai has more than 10 toy companies including Huawei, Aofei, Xiaobailong, Flywheel Technology, etc., have integrated into the field of animation cooperation. They have successfully developed a number of animation works and their derivative toy products, and have invested in the production of 40 animation films. Many. The animation industry has now entered a period of rapid growth. The output value of the animation toy industry has grown at an average annual rate of more than 18%, which has driven the transformation and upgrading of the toy and gift industry in Chenghai. 'This online game company has planned for 3 years before and after the establishment of a development and operation team in Beijing.' According to the person in charge of Shifeng, the company decided to develop online games and implement online and offline simultaneous development after careful inspection. The reporter learned that the transformation and upgrading of Chenghai's toy and gift industry is not only the development of high-end animation industry, toy companies have entered the film and television market, and now they have begun to extend from animation to 'online gamesLast year, after successfully acquiring 'Pleasant GoatLater, it spent more than 800 million yuan to acquire Tiantuo Technology, and began to get involved in the online game business, creating a 'toy + game' interactive entertainment model. According to statistics, last year the animation toy industry in the whole district achieved an output value of 5.8 billion yuan, an increase of 61%. The animation industry has begun to form a 'chain-like' development effect in the Chenghai toy industry. From toys to animation to 'online gamesThe road map for the extension of creative industries and cultural industries has become increasingly clear.
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