Chenghai toy craft industry job fair online shop marketers are very popular

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

The job fair is crowded with people, and online store marketing talents are very popular. Sponsored by the Municipal Human Resources Association and Chenghai District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the 'Chenghai District Thirteenth Toy Craft Industry and College Graduates Recruitment Fair' organized by Shantou Recruitment Network was held in Chenghai on the 27th. A total of 163 companies brought 2,358 jobs to the Field recruitment. The reporter visited the job fair and found that the demand for e-commerce network marketing talents has shown a substantial increase, and online store marketing talents are very popular. The reporter saw at the job fair that there is currently a greater demand for online marketing talents who understand both network technology and marketing in various industries. Many companies that enter the site for recruitment have recruited Taobao customer service, Taobao art, or online store operation and promotion personnel. Of large ads. 'In recent years, Chenghai has developed rapidly in the area of u200bu200bonline sales. Many products, including toys, have completed online retail, wholesale and other e-commerce businesses through Tmall, Taobao, Alibaba, and JD.com.' Recruitment representative of a well-known toy company The reporter told the reporter that, in order to save costs and expenses, many companies are now adopting the sales model of 'physical store + online store' in the current situation of rising prices. Some smaller companies even specialize in online sales, and the competition is fierce. This has stimulated the increase in demand for e-commerce network marketing talents to a certain extent.   The reporter noticed that the companies recruiting on the site generally do not have high educational requirements for online store marketing talents, and some even only require junior high school or technical secondary school education.
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