Chen Lizhong shoushan stone carving art gallery

by:Ennas      2021-08-09
Core tip: on November 30, the art industry association of fujian province, vice President, arts and crafts master of China, non-material cultural heritage inheritance Chen Lizhong 'wenxin stone - — Shoushan stone carving art exhibition 'in China on November 30, vice President of art industry in fujian province association, arts and crafts master of China, non-material cultural heritage inheritance people Chen Lizhong' wenxin stone - — Shoushan stone carving art 'art museum in China. It was held at national art museum of China for the first time shou stone exhibition. Chen Lizhong old hill stone 'lotus pond autumn' furnishing articles shou stone carvings are scholars of Chinese traditional culture colour is one of the most strong artistic category, the exhibition, Chen Lizhong with lotus pond, kingfisher as the theme of creation is to express the literati feelings. In this series of works, that is, there is litchi hole head stone, stone, furong stone, pit tunnel Gao Shanshi, moist and delicate texture of shoushan stone famous brand, also has the quality of a material such as stone of laoling, enthalpy redstone rough stone. And Chen Lizhong does best is through the natural texture of these different kinds of stone to express his understanding of the nature and understanding. Under his kedao, warm, summer lotus pond 'next day lotus plants' to the early autumn of pool surface wind QingLie, to the late autumn autumn by the lotus pond 'xiao suo, let a person, especially old hill stone' stay too withered lotus listen to the rain ', the famous writer jia pingwa said: 'it was rough, it was full. According to the organizers revealed that the 2010 world expo in Shanghai fujian pavilion, 'spring sound fu' will once again appear in the exhibition, the work high 1. The most representative of 4 meters, can be called Chen Lizhong shou stone carving works, the 'spring sound fu' appeared in the capital, or again become the focus for all the citizens of Beijing. Learned, national art museum of China is the most domestic academic authority of the national art gallery, exhibition qualification review committee, members of the review are the domestic authority of experts and scholars, art works for exhibition theme, the quality of audit have always is famous for its strict, rigorous, and the Chinese art museum exhibition season throughout the year without leisure, one of the busiest time often after an exhibition for checking, such as schedule one or two years time. Due to the national art museum of China audit threshold and preparation period, so shou stone has no to this art. This year marks the China art gallery, leadership, and puts forward to the development of Chinese traditional culture as the spirit guide ideas, 'wen xin stone - — Chen Lizhong shoushan stone carving category 'as a traditional sculpture art exhibition for the first time, a small statue arts background of the new director wu also gives the show a lot of support and affirmation; Old curator Mr. Fan was born in fujian and more familiar to shou stone, his hopes for the exhibition is 'in the larger areas led to the development of Chinese contemporary arts and crafts of this important topic. ”( Reporter wang sj) Chen Lizhong for litchi hole in the stone the next day lotus plants furnishing articles Chen Lizhong of arts and crafts master of China
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