Charcoal carving handicraft deductive fashion charm

by:Ennas      2021-09-28
Core tip: 'both improved indoor quality, and beautify the home environment, this product is fully staffed. 'Just finished decorating new home wang looked at Beijing consumers do manual work is delicate, elegant shape of charcoal carving' is to improve the quality of indoor and beautify the home environment, this product is fully staffed. 'Just finished decorating new home wang looked at Beijing consumers do manual work is delicate, elegant shape of charcoal carving handicraft couldn't help but sigh. Activated carbon for increasingly pay attention to environmental protection, and may not be unfamiliar, but may be a new word 'charcoal carving'. Charcoal carving handicraft is made up of high quality wood charcoal, minerals, fruit shell carbon and special minerals with natural high-tech materials, through the deep processing of dozens of working procedure. It is after the activated carbon molding, and based on the maximum keep the activity of activated carbon, the tradition manual artistic carving, with precious natural pigment, color natural style. It is understood that as people more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, activated carbon as an adsorbent are getting more and more widely used. The United States is currently the world's largest producer and consumer activated carbon, activated carbon has evolved into a involves more than industry's environmental protection industry. Activated carbon carving in places such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea is also very popular. In recent years, environmental protection products in the domestic gradually popular, charcoal carving handicraft is produced under such background. 'It is activated carbon molding technology and the perfect combination of traditional sculpture, decorative functions concurrently at the same time in the focus on public health. 'Jimei household DingHuiSi store sales staff told reporters,' you see, because it is a primary raw materials, each charcoal carving handicraft is different, and diverse shapes, round, square, dish, three-dimensional aliens, etc. , you can choose according to their own household style to buy. Of course, according to the different way of using and furnishing articles, accessories, car decoration, etc. Listen to the introduction of sales staff, the reporter roughly looked at it and found that this kind of handicraft modelling diversity, not only has rich content, a classical verses series, landscape flowers and birds, and specially designed for a new special series of happiness. It is a piece of black carbon, but under the skillful craftsman design, pressure coloured drawing or pattern through professional carving technology, make them become a excellent environmental protection works of art. 'In order to cater to the tastes of young consumers, the businessman also launched a charcoal carving frame such a stylish products, contracted and the atmosphere also environmentally friendly. 'Said the salesman. Currently on the market sales of charcoal carving crafts according to the process model can be divided into the carving machine ( Carved) , hand carved, sand blasting, and nanometer photo ( Digital) This several, 'is more accurate than artificial carving, digital technology, after molding of products is also more beautiful. 'Beijing zhuo exhibition shopping center staff said. 'But some like to collect the people prefer the manual sculpture, like it, simple but elegant and simple natural features. 'Due to the rise of the charcoal carving industry, variety, price difference is very big appeared on the market of charcoal carving handicraft, let a person have no choice, and some manufacturers in order to reduce cost for profiteering, on activated carbon and forming and coloring process using inferior cheap glue, so that the adsorption effect of activated carbon carving to sell at a discount greatly, and inferior glue itself would release the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, easy to cause secondary pollution, so in the choose and buy of charcoal carving handicraft, pay attention to three aspects. A look at the brand. Preferred choice have independent core technology, such as manufacturers of domestic patents and international patents. Look at the product itself. Consumers can weigh the product component, compared with other common materials, if the product is too light, too heavy, no the trace of carbon powder, surface reflective surface, shiny, is inferior product. Three patterns. If the color is pure, soft, reflective, pigment excitant odour is high quality environmental protection silicone paint, permeability is good, no secondary pollution; Otherwise for inferior paint, easy to jam carbon pore, cause secondary pollution, the product does not conform to the environmental protection concept.
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