Ceramic export: how to grasp the national customs and habits _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
Core tip: due to the customs and habits, consumption level of different countries around the world, also should pay ceramic export enterprises in guangdong, to achieve the enemy and know yourself, to fight. The customs of each country is different, because of customs and habits, consumption level of different countries around the world, also should pay ceramic export enterprises in guangdong, to achieve the enemy and know yourself, to fight. The customs of each country is different, the product requirements is different also, as committed to the overseas market enterprise, the customs should have certain understanding. Antique porcelain and the coffee is popular in Germany: in daily-used porcelain, coffee is good wine pin, German consumers most people like the color of quietly elegant; For art porcelain usually likes lively and elegant, high artistic quality, the modelling of small animals; All kinds of porcelain insulator thin flat belly bottle is popular. Now part of the intellectuals, is keen on primitive art porcelain, and antique porcelain better pin. Germany the dissolubility of lead limit is very strict, like under the glaze color, Suggestions on design and color design get more Oriental color, such as good porcelain carving characters. French high lead and cadmium content of porcelain products: the French like the design of the horse, horse in France as a symbol of happiness. Woe to the peacock said of the bird, and thus the French don't like it. In addition, the French people don't like yellow and green flowers, the elephant nose down think bad luck. The French market of fake European style of the characters, animals, birds and flowers pattern porcelain is better pin, porcelain animal model of small size than the big size of merchantability, lead and cadmium content high porcelain unsalable. Spanish prefer Oriental flower surface: no strict restrictions of lead to porcelain, but flower surface can reflect the characteristics of Oriental products, such as pavilions of the east, or dragon and phoenix patterns, etc. Such as blue and white porcelain popular exquisite imported from Shanghai. Spain import China tax by weight, the weight light is light. Jingdezhen porcelain vase is more popular in Spain. Most British art ceramics strong demand: British ceramics market dominated by 18, 21 first tea set, a small part is the teapot and cups and saucers. Production of ceramics in China enjoys a high reputation in the UK market, consumers of porcelain white, beautiful modelling, design rich Oriental nation looking for products is appreciated. 18 head tea service in the UK has been a household name in China, because of form a complete set completely suitable for general family of four. Britain imported ceramic lead content restrictions. Britain in addition to the imported art porcelain, also import a lot of art ceramics. Italian love purple sand clay POTS: strict censorship is to lead in Italy. Flower face design for figures, flowers and birds vase is better pin, landscape design. The gourd mei bottle and square bottle of popular. Display porcelain and household porcelain, white porcelain was very popular. Italian people like the design of duck, don't like the black and the design of chrysanthemum. Art porcelain ladies can like merry-maids-all-in-a-row cock alone, it is said that this action is not elegant. Purple sand clay POTS. Japanese favor old porcelain new packing: Japanese like to use the general family, hotel, hotel ceramic meal tea, tea pot, bowl, plate, flower POTS, bottles, cans and other colors are a glaze, such as ash glaze, such as red and kiln. Specifications of small, teapots ask 4 inches to 5 inches, are generally not straight to the, and don't like the girder, like down spout. The Japanese are used to drinking before put the glasses locking, so the bottom. Another kind of exposure to the bowl ( Don't take) Is also welcome. The Japanese also like to copy the old pottery art. For the export of used porcelain, deserve to go up advanced packaging, as well as packing to sell at high prices. Japanese like cranes turtle pattern, this have prolong life meaning, tea set, to avoid the 'four words'. Require high quality and low price: Canada market sales in the majority with artistic porcelain, porcelain figurines class is given priority to with characters, vessel is given priority to with the vase. To open the Canada market, one is to improve the quality, to lower export prices. Canadian demand patterns porcelain quietly elegant of colour and lustre to the impression of simple line with bright green, fuschia, aureate, peacock blue design decorative pattern as well, such as price per piece for $30 to 40, color elegant, suitable for gifts, gift friends and relatives. Display like Chinese porcelain, vases, Mexico: Mexican considers Chinese porcelain treasures, and according to the record of Chinese porcelain in the complete set of more than 400 years ago exports to Mexico kuami agboh port, the elder brother, was to occupy the number of Chinese porcelain in some noble to measure how much property. Especially now Chinese porcelain furnishings porcelain, vases, etc. A popular market in Mexico. U. S. demand that the flower face quietly elegant and lively: the United States is the largest international ceramics market, has a great potential for development. Major U. S. marketing one with five heads, four people use 20 head, eight people with 45 head, 92 head of light simple but elegant tea set coffee set picture requirements, line is concise and lively.
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