Ceramic art appreciation _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: ceramic art collection has traditionally been hot spots. Modern ceramic art in the inheritance and innovation of traditional open inneglectable in pure art, pay more attention to the pluralism of the modern aesthetic consciousness and the language of the ceramic art ceramic art itself has traditionally been the collection hot spots. Modern ceramic art in the inheritance and innovation of traditional open inneglectable in pure art, aesthetic consciousness and pay more attention to the pluralism of the modern ceramic art language itself, the technique of expression is becoming more and more diversified. How to make their ceramic art collection value? On April 19 afternoon, senior technology artists Hu Qiang for ceramic art lovers in most real estate exhibition hall to teach modern ceramic art appreciation. 'Ceramic art is a kind of painting. How to calculate finished? A look at the line is strong, if there is a sense of rhythm; 2 see whether there are both contrast and harmonious color, if not only contrast harmony that will be lost in the clutter, instead will too rigid; Three see composition, unlike painting, pottery emphasis on stereo, no matter from which point of view, should be a complete picture. '' can measure the value of a ceramic art works, through the establishment of coordinate axis to locate. One is the author's identity, the other is the artistic value of works itself. The author's reputation, the greater the price will be high. But remember, are not necessarily masterpiece, the works of famous masterpieces that by famous artists. Alone, the name of the author to determine the value of the work is often biased. Some collectors targeting deep potential contemporary young ceramists, often can get relatively generous returns. 'The art of work itself value should be how to identify? Must determine the type first, and then against the standard to measure the variety of ceramic art. Hu Qiang said, jingdezhen modern ceramic art can be roughly divided into four series: blue and white, porcelain glaze color, color glaze, small sculpture. Such as basically see the colour of blue and white porcelain and level. Blue and white pigment blue with black, good color AD cool-headed. On the other hand, in the blue purple, floating color. Modern blue and white with glaze, before painting, glaze, high temperature firing at a time. Pigment changes, light and shade shade strewn at random, rich administrative levels feels. Powder enamel glaze on the color of a species. First in the good factor ware glaze on coloured drawing or pattern, again into the kiln after high temperature baking. The white color material, commonly known as 'white' glass. Due to glass white and colorful color material of fusion, make all sorts of color produced 'powder', give a person the sense with powder soft embellish. On the techniques of expression, from the flat new-developped fill has progress to light wash; In style, and its layout and brushwork, has the characteristics of the traditional Chinese painting. Hard color is red, yellow, green, blue, violet wait for all sorts of color with the vitreous material, according to the design of the need to glaze, color clear crystal, the tonal contrast, image exaggeration, line stiffness and strong, with strong national artistic style. Color glaze glaze, after high temperature calcination above 1250 degrees Celsius, so if the flow of oil, light color if hong xia, wen if cloud waterfall, the charm.
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