CBME exhibitor said: Muwan Family will bring you a unique childhood of culture and wisdom

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
2021 CBME will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on July 14-16! In the new era, CBME has invited some brand owners who will participate in the exhibition in 2021 to share their new trends, new trends and new highlights brought by CBME this year. Booth No. of Muwan Family: 5-1D35 //Interview guests//He Bin Chairman No.1 participated in the CBME What helped you the most? CBME is the world's most influential event for the pregnancy, infant and child industry, and the preferred partner of many well-known maternal, infant and pregnancy product brands. Through CBME, we can show you our latest products and shape our brand image. No.2 Please share your special gains at CBME (please list some fruitful data as far as possible). We have won the 2017 Influential Brand Finalist Award, the Chinese Pregnancy and Childhood Character Finalist Award, and the 2018 China Pregnancy, Infant and Child Industry Award , Winning the ten-year service award is not only the affirmation of Muwan Family by the authoritative expert group, but also the support of the majority of consumers for Muwan Family. He also actively responded to and supported charitable causes, and worked with the broad masses of people in the maternity, infant and child community to give love and walk with love. No.3 What do you think are the new trends or new trends in the pregnancy, infant and child industry in 2021? Maternity, baby and child products are different from ordinary fast-moving consumer goods. Consumers are more sensitive and concerned about product safety and health issues when purchasing such products. Before establishing a trust connection with the enterprise, it is difficult for consumers to make large purchases. The most urgent thing is that we still have to change the traditional marketing methods, seek new business directions, attract customers, but also let them stay and gather the store's own private domain traffic. No.4 As an extremely influential brand in the field of pregnancy, infants and children, what new products and highlights has your brand/company brought to CBME this year? In recent years, under the impact of e-commerce and the Internet economy, many brands have disappeared quietly, or they have rapidly opened up e-commerce channels under high pressure to explore the path of transformation. The overall consumer goods industry is also discussing the innovation of new retail. Manufacturers and distributors are making various innovations around new retail. How to solve the dilemma of new retail in the toy industry? Muwan Family restructured its marketing system in accordance with the direction of new retail. In the project design, it broke the traditional self-centered and product-centered operating ideas, and reconstructed a new content system centered on consumers and terminal changes-Wanmu. In 2019, the Wanmu Parent-Child Experience Center under the Muwan Family has gone through more than a year of offline direct-sale store operation summary, multiple rounds of prop upgrades, integrated offline wholesale channels, unified product management, unified pricing, and created a centralized play The pure wooden plug-in playground, which integrates teaching aid sales area, play area, and workshop area, has opened in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hohhot, Zibo and other places, and will see you in more cities in the future. Brand introduction For nearly half a century, we have managed every piece of wood as always, and every toy is taken from logs that grow naturally. When they were born, the craftsmen used exquisite craftsmanship and their own hands to touch these wood countless times to ensure that each of them can be perfectly presented, and strive to build a difference for each child to touch nature and experience culture and wisdom. Kind of childhood. Since 1973, with nearly half a century of inheritance and development, we have carried on the meticulous ingenuity of wooden toys and have taken firm steps. From a small step from the beginning, we have gradually established ourselves as the national brand of Zhejiang famous brand. Difficulties and challenges, we maintain a strong corporate vitality with a solid industrial foundation and innovative thinking that keeps pace with the times. ///The 21st CBME Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition will be there on July 14-16, 2021 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)!
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