Cast bronze sculpture techniques and installation steps

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, bronze sculpture is a relatively common one. For bronze sculptures, people may still know a little about it. Let me introduce the techniques and techniques of bronze sculptures. The installation steps of the cast bronze sculpture. 1. The sculpture technique of the cast bronze sculpture 1. The round sculpture is also called three-dimensional sculpture. It is the overall embodiment of art on the sculpture. The viewer can see the sides of the object from different perspectives. It requests carving. In the early years, back, left, right, top, middle, and bottom are all carved. It is a more fundamental technique in stone carving. Round carving is usually done in the early years. At the same time, it is requested to pay special attention to the unity and harmony of the various viewpoints and orientations of the work. As long as this is the case, the round sculpture works can withstand the full-scale perspective of the viewer. 2. Relief is a carving technique that is carved on the stone to make the image bulge. The difference between it and the round sculpture is that the relief only reflects the half of the image in the early years. Three-dimensional sense, the rear position may be pasted on the stone, or simply carved according to the condition of the stone layer. If you want to raise the image, naturally you must remove some of the non-object image. If the depth of the non-object image is shallow, the convex Objects are also shallow. Such carvings are called bas-relief, and vice versa. High-relief is close to round carving. 3. Engraving and chain carving are relatively independent carving techniques for round carving, often with round carving or other techniques. The combination makes the carving works more expressive. 4. Mini-carving is a carving technique known for its small precision. The history of micro-carving in China has a long history. As far back as the oracle bone inscriptions during the Yin and Shang Dynasties, there was a micro-carving. Warring States Period The seal of the seal is as small as tired, but the seal is divided into Zhubai. Wang Shuyuan's 'Hezhou Ji' is also a classic work of micro-carving art in the history of China. 5. Button carving refers to the upper button of the seal. The carving of the decoration belongs to the field of round carving, which has a rich three-dimensional effect, but compared with round carving, it has three obvious characteristics. One is that the image is small, limited to the scale of the seal, which is usually less than 10 cubic centimeters; the other is only It embodies the top of the image, not like the round sculpture, which needs to be reflected in all directions; in addition, the embodied content of the button sculpture is mostly animals, especially the animals in ancient legends, such as: chi, lion, dragon, tiger, evil spirits, gluttonous Therefore, the button carving is also called the animal button. Second, the production steps of the cast bronze sculpture 1. Make the background color to make the imitation copper effect. It is very important to make the background color at the end of the glass steel sculpture, and it is necessary to configure the color paste for coloring. To make the imitation copper color, you need to paint the main color of the copper first, that is, the background color, such as red copper, use dark red or brown paint to brush the background color. This will not look rigid. The brass also uses yellowish-brown pigments as the background color, and the bronze has more changes. You can use black or blue, black and green as the background. 2. The color of patina is mostly pink green. Or light blue, you can adjust the heating and cooling relationship according to the background color. The patina is mostly generated at the place, you can use a small pen to color the concave point, or you can pour the adjusted color on the statue with the background color, and then use it. The cloth wipes away the patina at the high points. This method produces a natural effect, and it is also a refreshing and finishing step in the imitation copper effect. , Point the highlight After blending the gold powder with wax or varnish, use a large pen to dip the color and gently sweep over the high points, but do not sweep too much and too scattered so as not to change the flower. 4. The protective color needs to be sprayed with a protective layer in order to protect the color film , The protective layer is divided into high gloss and matte. The high gloss can be brushed with varnish. If it is matt, it can be polished after applying a layer of car wax or floor wax. 5. If the natural paint has golden and bronze self-painting, you can Spray directly into brass, you can also spray a thin layer on the red or cyan background, and then add a protective color. The above content is the bronze sculpture technique and the installation steps of the bronze sculpture brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer I hope it can help you.
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