Cast bronze sculpture engineering process

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
The process of making bronze sculptures seems simple, but the intermediate production process is very tedious. At present, the most commonly used casting method in the foundry industry is called 'dewaxing cast copper'. So, what is the process of casting bronze sculpture? The process of the cast bronze sculpture project   1, the design plan   first is to design the blueprint for the overall conception of the sculpture, and then cast the bronze sculpture according to the pattern. 2. Clay sculpture production: Make a rough model of the designed pattern with a clay draft to facilitate our finalization. If there is something wrong with it, we can modify the clay sculpture. The second step is to enlarge the clay sculpture proportionally and make a one-to-one comparison. Made of clay sculptures. 3. Mold reversal After the clay sculpture is completed, it needs to remold. There are generally two types of molds: one is plaster remolding, the other is silica gel remolding, we use plaster to remake under less complicated circumstances. Otherwise, use silica gel to remake.  4. Wax casting   Pour the melted paraffin into a plaster mold or silicone mold that has been made. After the paraffin cools, it becomes a wax mold.  5. Shell making    There are two kinds of shell making and mold remaking: one is precision casting and the other is resin sand box production. We should choose precision casting for small parts or complicated ones, and sand box production is generally suitable for simple smooth surfaces without much craftsmanship.  6. u200bu200bCasting and polishing  Pour the copper into copper water in a high temperature environment and pour it into the finished shell or sand box, and then clean and polish the riser.  7, splicing and forming    put the polished bronze sculptures together to form a complete whole. When this step is completed, we can basically see the rough appearance of the cast bronze sculpture.   8. Clean the weld and surface coloring              we spliced u200bu200bcopper carving welding parts are processed to be exactly the same as our clay draft, and then color the surface.  9, oiling, sealing wax   , etc. After cleaning the weld and surface coloring, the next step is to oil and wax it. Oiling and sealing wax can keep the sculpture up to date for a long time.  10, installation  , etc. After completing the above steps, only the installation is left in the end. During the installation, professionals are generally required to guide the installation according to the on-site construction environment.
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