Cass, corvino stone brick hand in hand, hunan design masters 'stone' artistic thought can _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core tip: report from our correspondent: August 13 afternoon, kass, corvino stone brick, Lin yutang international household XiangJi design masters hand in hand 'stone' artistic thought in cass, corvino stone, brick production base held ceremoniously. This report from our correspondent: 13 August afternoon, cass, corvino stone, brick & amp; Lin yutang international home hand in hand XiangJi design masters 'stone' artistic thought in cass northrop grumman held grand stone brick production base. This is the first visit for hunan elegant designed kass corvino production base. In cass northrop grumman brick stone top, XiangJi design masters have entered the cass, corvino stone brick, each production workshop, visited including waste material yard, the heterogeneous type processing, CNC engraving process, 5 mm stone brick processing etc. Bring XiangJi design masters hand in hand to visit Mr. Lin yutang international household production base for corvino bring bring to visit production workshop design divisions to visit Mr. Corvino is a yard, then design masters of hunan delegation visited the cass corvino 5000 m2 luxury pavilions stone brick. More number of personnel, as the stone brick industry leadership accompanying, interactive communication. Sohu home teacher of hunan design represents zhi-bin Chen, huang hh, Xu Meng three teachers on-site interview. Bring designers in cass corvino global stone brick exhibition hall visit most photos bring kass, corvino stone brick, 5000 - the world's largest exhibition hall interior bring grand raise group creative director zhi-bin Chen design firm zhi-bin Chen had an interview with sohu home bring ishwara decoration design engineering co. , LTD. Executive director & amp; Design director huang hh had an interview with sohu home bring huizhi Xu Meng accept sohu home decoration luxury clubhouse design director interview as a key activity of cass, corvino stone brick, 'stone' artistic thought after a short rest, kass, corvino stone brick, top with elegant designed freely interact, the villa room all stone brick custom material and craft and luxury style design used to achieve deep communication, is the first time hunan building materials business set up a communication platform with designers and manufacturers, so as to achieve the ideas and design work of product development, in process raw material with high quality production and application of space and better high-end villa good customer service, etc. , has made the beneficial attempt and exploration. Bring about cass, corvino stone, brick & amp; Lin yutang in hunan international household design masters 'stone' art thought will bring about active site kass, corvino stone brick, top with hunan design elite
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