Carvings fine discrimination: jade carvings is disguised is the art of gratuitous leather ( Figure) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-09-03
Core tip: 'father-son pair' jade carvings, also called sad color carving, is YuGong using jade color, though, fusion to the subject matter, a technique with the function of the finishing point. 'Father-son pair' in jade, jade carvings, also called sad color carving, is YuGong using jade color, though, make to the subject matter of fusion, a technique with the function of the finishing point. Jade carvings works in the first, is the shang dynasty unearthed in the tomb of fu hao jade turtle. This white jade jade turtle, chestnut black leather, the ancients will arrange in the chestnut black skin jade on the turtle's back shell, makes the jade turtle tiancheng interesting and lively. In 1995, a 10 cm long, texture, pure jade fish, dekang the 26th in Shanghai art auction, the backs of the fish use natural black, like ink painting as one integrated mass, then become the object of hot buy in Hong Kong, finally clinch a deal with the price of hk $180000. In 2008, a qianlong emperor 's son of heaven' round printed in Hong Kong at a price of hk $44 million. One reason is the use of seed jade jujube red one, made of ssangyong hold stem ( Qian) , at the same time red and metaphor 'luck'. In this, to collect lover to introduce two the author see the proper color of jade carving. One is 'father-son pair', bear's eyes to return and use of black jade skin, intense look, have the effect that make the finishing point, is a kit kat. Salute the other was a 'monkey', this work in addition to using seed makings and the monkey grey coat colors are very much alike, and put on the skin, black skin of red, respectively in the monkey hip and nose, has carved a lifelike naughty monkey. Two pieces of jade is new worker, but good material, industrial, and jade, and clever use to adorn the subject though, with the theme, should be the high grade of jewels. The above example, use opportunely jade, can really get the effect of an abundant alone, though is carved jade's broad realm. But to remind everybody is, now many new jade collection, don't know the jade is how to be used, though just heard about the leather is a good jade, seed makings, just blindly pursue with skin jade, it is a myth. Jade skin exposed on the surface of seed material for a long time, the quality of the jade jade is much less than the seed material, since the ancient times before carved jade, is to first peel jade, stone, lock crack and colour and lustre is bad, can to process. Skin is not necessarily good jade jade, no skin jade also is not necessarily good jade. What's more, there are some unscrupulous people use of low-grade jade expected to burn an old skin, the person mood, to make unjust gain. Sad color carvings art, endless skin is show, camouflage. The river Yao Zhenghua treasure evaluation experts
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