Carved HuaYanJun - — Bing, rotors and his disciples figurine art exhibition on display in jiangnan university design institute smoothly

by:Ennas      2021-09-07
Summary: Chinese figurines on May 26, 2017, sponsored by the design institute, in wuxi city artists association jiangnan university, jiangnan university design institute of public art and fine arts, wuxi bukchang door life art Chinese figurines on May 26, 2017, sponsored by the design institute, in wuxi city artists association jiangnan university, jiangnan university design institute of public art and fine arts, wuxi bukchang life art centre to undertake the carved HuaYanJun - — Bing rotors, a small statue art exhibition 'and his disciples in the grand opening of jiangnan university design institute. The exhibition exhibited main rotors created more than 20 pieces of bing a professor figurines and he served as the sketch teaching accumulation during the period of more than 100 drawings. The exhibition has obvious regional culture characteristic, fully expressed the professor xu and his students in wuxi city full of rich culture breath, the jiangnan city of love. For the opening ceremony of exhibition preface in wuxi city jiangnan city jiangnan university, a close historical and cultural accumulation and rich deep cultural inside information. One party soil to raise a party person, wuxi folk musicians HuaYanJun ( The blind bing) Erhu music, 'two springs month,' the city's vicissitudes and witnessed the wuxi jiangnan context. A piece of music, a life. Bing's world famous 'two springs month' has become one of the myth of our times. In more than 60 years, many cities at home and abroad held 'on two springs' as the theme of the concert, different versions of the album. Wuxi is the hometown of Chinese erhu, but also to carry forward national folk music culture, spread bing 'two springs month' music as a regional culture of the city business card, successfully held several times on the two springs, special concert to commemorate seminars. This time to rotors, a professor at the creation of more than 20 pieces bing theme figurines and he served as the sketch teaching accumulation during the period of more than 100 drawings work to hold 'carved HuaYanJun - — Bing rotors, a small statue painting 'and his disciples, be original and regional features, meaningful and temperature of urban culture events, reflect the culture of the local artists regression and consciously. Rotors of a pair of bing music has a strong cultural complex, monographs published the 'walking bing - — Bing music research and comprehension. Figurines 'his performance - — Bing bing impression ', 'walking', such as wuxi grand theatre, bing's former residence, and in the eleventh national art exhibition, Shanghai Chinese palace national fine arts exhibition, Chinese freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese - — National art museum of China academic invitational exhibition, changchun of the fourth world conference on small statue figurine invitational exhibition, won the CCTV national figurines competition awards. Rotors, a college freshman in the design sketch teaching of focus on individual and creative ability to inspire and cultivate the student art. The exhibition in which more than 100 drawings are from the design institute 'after 90' of wuxi city youth full of warmth and water jiangnan culture famous city of love and emotion. Welcome honorable congrats! Design of jiangnan university dean, professor, PhD supervisor ling-hao zhang on May 5, 2017 exhibition postscript, since the founding of the bing theme music, drama, dance and other content in the form of activities had been held many times, in the form of a small statue and painting was the first time in bing theme culture and art activities. The bing theme figurine painting exhibition can successfully held here, first of all thanks to jiangnan university and institute of design leadership support and help care for help! This batch of bing theme of his works, is my years using a new design sketch teaching with extracurricular sketch homework during the task. From different parts of the country design college freshmen are excellent, they are 18 years old young students chicheng innocence and strong creative enthusiasm for the ideals of art, to create this batch I often feel lively paintings accident and surprise. Here I want to deeply appreciated this batch of selected works of the students, they have not the creation of hard efforts, I would not have to hold this exhibition. The 25 pieces of bing topic figurines are before and after these years of my book, with the help of this batch of students sketch exhibition opportunities out and report the communication. I am wuxi native, grew up listening to the families of universal cable radio and/or end at half past nine every night qu bing of 'two springs month' music grew up, has a complex, full of deep emotion on bing music bing theme is the important part of my small sculpture creation forms. Time flies like an arrow, and this year is 30 years from teaching in jiangnan university, I remember in 1987, I graduated from nanjing college of art came to located in wuxi institute of light industry modeling system, at the foot of the mountain Qian Jianhua teacher took me to see in Romania with the dean Zhu Zhengwen teacher. Reception at that time to accept me the procedure reported Zhu Jing teacher working in the personnel department. This 30 years is my most memorable in my life precious time, the design institute of many leading teachers gave me meticulous support and affirmative support. Previous 'xu' is changed into 'xu', then all I have now is the retirement of old teacher, think me I this 30 years in green valley campus, garden campus and ziyingdian lake campus held small statues in the exhibition for many times, the bing theme exhibition is the most special significance. I think in this exhibition to gratitude gratitude design institute in the 30 years education cultivation and help care for me. Life is short, art forever. Please respect your college leaders teacher and classmates comment more. Love design, love design institute! Sincerely wish our design institute becomes more and more good! Small statue home association executive vice President of wuxi in jiangsu province artists association and secretary-general jiangnan university in jiangsu province, a professor in the school of design ceramic art master rotors on May 26, 2017
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