Carefully prepare before giving the gift to make the gift more perfect

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

As the saying goes: 'Prepare for a rainy dayIt is mainly the thinking in our minds and a more holistic concept of the gift-giving process. Such thinking is manifested in the personal selection of gifts, mainly in the following aspects:    1. The purpose of the gift. No matter what kind of gift you give There is always a certain purpose-friends give gifts to deepen friendship; parents give gifts to children to increase family affection; husbands give gifts to wives to sublimate love; employees give gifts to leaders to connect feelings...  What are you giving gifts for? About this The point must be clear. This is like a steering wheel. You can drive the car well by holding the direction.    2. Gift-giving object. What we need to emphasize here is that you must be accurate with the person receiving the gift before you give it. What is his understanding-what does he do, what hobbies he has, what is his family situation, what is his taste... By grasping these, we can target people with different personalities, different statuses and tastes, and choose the corresponding ones Gifts.    For example, if you want to give a gift to a person with a strong sense of business and whose career is in a booming stage, then the gift you give him may contain the meaning of 'great ambition and success'. This is exactly what he wants. This A gift will naturally have its due effect.    3. Gift-giving season. Some people think that the gift-giving season is not important, this idea is wrong. Just think about it, in the summer when you give each other a down jacket, I believe this is a bit out of date. Of course, in addition to time, this also means festivals, giving something during the festival, mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival, and Lantern Festival for New Year's Day. Therefore, gifts given at different times will also express different feelings.    4. Gift-giving environment. The so-called so-called gift-giving environment. The gift-giving environment refers to the atmosphere of a gift-giving occasion. On a festive wedding day, a large flower basket or a big red envelope can set off the festive atmosphere; while on separate occasions, a souvenir book or phone book can be sent. Can set off the feeling of parting. Therefore, different environments, the items that need to be set off are different, and the gifts you choose are naturally different.    5. Customs and habits. This is often the most easily overlooked point before giving gifts, and this point It is also the point that is most likely to cause disagreements. Knowing the customs and habits of the recipient’s place before giving gifts can effectively avoid ambiguity and avoid unpleasant occurrences.    Everyone knows that roses generally represent love in China. However, This rose is considered to be a dishonest thing in some Western European countries. Therefore, different customs, different national beliefs, gift giving are also different, you must have a certain understanding of these before giving gifts. Gift giving seems simple, in fact It is not simple. From the purchase before the gift to the completion of the gift, there are many things that need to be paid attention to. Only by paying attention to these elements can we avoid mistakes and avoid the misunderstanding of the recipient.
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