Canada implements a recall of children's jewelry made in China (4.3)

by:Ennas      2021-11-12
On April 3, 2017, Health Canada and CTG Brands Inc. jointly announced a voluntary recall of Chinese jewelry...   [Chinese and foreign toy network April 25 news] April 3, 2017, Health Canada and CTG Brands Inc. jointly announced the implementation of a voluntary recall of Chinese jewelry.   The recalled product is a metal pendant accessory, equipped with a metal buckle with a diameter of about 0.5 cm. The specific information of the recalled products is as follows:    Approximately 30,201 units of the recalled products were sold in Canada from March 2004 to December 2016. The reason for the recall was that Health Canada's sampling test determined that the lead content of the recalled jewelry exceeded the limit. The Children’s Jewelry Regulations of the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act stipulates that it is illegal to import, promote or sell jewelry that is mainly used to attract children under the age of 15 and the lead content in the jewelry exceeds 600 mg/kg. Lead is highly toxic, especially to children. A series of serious health effects are related to lead exposure, including anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, severe brain damage, convulsions, coma, and effects related to the liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system. In extreme cases, death will occur. For more information about the risks and symptoms of lead exposure, please visit the Canadian government's official website Lead and Cadmium in Children's Jewellery (information about lead and cadmium in children's jewelry). As of March 28, 2017, the company has not received any accident reports and personal injury reports related to the use of this product.   Health Canada advises consumers to immediately stop using the above recalled products and dispose of them.  Compiled from: Health Canada website  compiled: Zhao Guangxia
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