Can the toy gun ban in Afghanistan effectively curb the culture of violence?

by:Ennas      2021-12-28
Core reminder: toy or violent weapon? Afghanistan's toy gun has recently been pushed to the forefront.     toy guns are very popular among children in Afghanistan. Image source: Internet   In the past Eid al-Fitr, there were more than one hundred incidents of children using toy guns to injure their eyes while playing in Afghanistan. The Afghan government subsequently announced that the sale and use of toy guns is prohibited throughout the country.   For Afghanistan, which is suffering from war, the toy gun ban is seen as a new government measure to curb the culture of violence. Not long before, Afghanistan had raised the import tax on toy guns from 10% to 50%, hoping to resist the prevalence of toy guns. According to the Guardian, during the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, Afghan families will give their children pocket money, similar to the custom of issuing red envelopes during the Chinese New Year. Therefore, during Eid al-Fitr every year, it is the best time for the Afghan toy market to do business.  ** All kinds of toy guns are popular among children: plastic guns, simulated AK-47, Kalashnikov submachine guns, etc. are all popular products. These toy guns not only look the same as real guns, but they can also fire plastic or rubber bullets, which is the main cause of many children’s eye injuries.     Various toy guns have become popular commodities on the Afghan toy market. Image source: Internet    Afghanistan Minister of the Interior, Noor-ul Haq Uloomi, recently ordered the confiscation and confiscating of toy guns that can cause psychological and physical harm to children. RT News Network stated that this new measure may lead to the rise of a black market for toy guns, where vendors do not need to pay any import taxes and illegal transactions on the black market will become more rampant.   The ban on paper toy guns in Afghanistan has also aroused heated discussions among netizens in different countries on social media.   Many Twitter netizens expressed their support for this initiative.     Dear friends, any change should start at home. This Ramadan festival, please tell your family not to buy toy guns for children.   Many people are even inspired by this ban, calling for the same measures in Pakistan.     is great! Afghanistan bans toy guns to stop the violent culture. When can Pakistan do the same thing?    In fact, in early July, Peshawar in Pakistan had already tried out a one-month ban on the sale of toy guns. The local deputy police chief Riaz Khan Mahsud told reporters from the National Broadcasting Company: The main purpose of this ban is to curb the increasing use of weapons and violence among children.     toy guns are also favored by many girls. Image source: Internet    A social peace worker in Pakistan also said that when children are used to toy guns when they are young, they will not hesitate to pick up real guns when they grow up.   At the same time, some netizens expressed doubts about this. They think that the Afghan government has made some fuss, and the government has to solve more serious problems than this. Toy guns are the next issue that is not a problem. I heard that the Ministry of the Interior of Afghanistan wants to ban plastic toy guns... Hehe, how useful is this regulation when real guns are everywhere?      I think this is a very sad thing: Afghanistan bans toy guns , But did not impose sanctions and disarm 99% of those who shouldn't have real ****.   In the United States, the controversy over toy guns has never stopped. Jordan Fisch was a kindergarten teacher. She told the reporter of USA Today in 2012 that she did not want her son to regard the use of **** as a very glorious thing. The toy gun greatly beautified the damage and Kill. My son is so innocent. As parents, we must do everything possible to protect the child.    The controversy over toy guns has spread to the world. Image source: Internet    but some people hold different opinions. Anne Lewis, the mother of a ten-year-old child, told USA Today that **** is not a problem, talent is. If you carefully educate your children and let them learn to respect others and their lives, then these toy guns are nothing more than toys for children of this age.
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