Can the 'Three Guarantees' be applied to toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

'In two months, this is the third toy that has broken.' Xiaobao's mother reluctantly threw the remote-controlled car that could not be recharged into the old toy box. During the Spring Festival, 3-year-old Xiaobao received a lot of toy gifts, remote control cars, singing dolls, electronic pets and so on. 'The child is naughty. No matter what toy is in his hand, it will be broken after playing for a few days. It is a pity to throw it away, and it is useless to keep it.' Indeed, toys are sold all over the streets today, but toy repairers are hard to find. Many parents sigh like Xiaobao’s mother: It’s easy to find a place to repair air conditioners and refrigerators, but it’s really difficult to find a place to repair toys. It’s hard to escape a broken part. Boys love cars. There are more than 100 car models in Baiying’s family, but many of them have become 'disabled'. Either the wheels are dropped or the doors are deformed, while Transformers have changed. If you change it, you can't restore it. There are no special tools and no replacement parts. It can't be repaired by yourself, but I don't want to throw it away. I have to put it in the storage box and occasionally take it out for 'memory'. Wang Hai bought an electric remote control helicopter for his son for more than 400 yuan, but he broke it after playing it a few times. He found a business, but the business said that he had no accessories and could do nothing. He asked him to contact the manufacturer. 'The manufacturer is far away in Guangdong. I don’t know how many phone calls I have made, but the other party always says that the accessories are out of stock. I have to wait and wait.' He also found a number of electrical repair shops, but the repairers said that there were no propeller accessories. They cannot make repairs. Liu Hong told reporters that during the Spring Festival this year, she bought a talking bear with more than 500 yuan for her two-year-old daughter. After only playing for more than a month, the bear became 'dumb'. She found the mall and hoped to carry out repairs. “The salesperson said that the mall counter only sells, and repairs can be sent back to the manufacturer through the counter, but he is not sure when it will be repaired. It will take at least two or three months. If this toy does not If it is reproduced, the repair materials may not be available. In addition, I need to pay for the materials when ordering materials.' She said. When you visit major department stores or supermarkets, it is not difficult to find that today's toy varieties are becoming more and more abundant, and the price level is getting higher and higher. Toys of several hundred yuan or even thousands of yuan are not uncommon. Moreover, more and more high-tech methods such as sound, light, and electricity, and even more sophisticated information technology, robotics, are also beginning to be applied to toys. These toys cost hundreds of dollars at every turn. Electronic or mechanical toys are relatively complex in internal structure and professional, so ordinary people can't repair them by hand. Once damaged, they are basically scrapped. Upgrading is too fast and difficult to repair Parents generally say that some high-end toys are thrown away because of a small problem, which is a waste for the society and the family. 'Because it is not included in the formal maintenance system, we generally do not provide maintenance.' A toy dealer said. Some toy manufacturers also believe that the current repair scope of manufacturers only includes damage caused by toy quality problems, and most manufacturers are not responsible for damage caused by consumers' carelessness. Some said that consumers need to pay a certain fee if they want to repair the toy. An industry insider told reporters that toys are originally consumables, and their consumers are children, and the probability of damage caused by human factors is greater. There are many types of toys, quick upgrades, short sales cycles, and no unified specifications and standards. New products that have just been launched are popular for a while and are quickly eliminated. Therefore, manufacturers do not produce spare parts, and many toys are disposable. Expect high-end toys to be included in the 'Three Guarantees' as soon as possible. The reporter visited many shopping malls, supermarkets, and wholesale markets and learned that most toys do not have the 'Three Guarantees'. 'Toys are so expensive, why are they not included in the 'Three Guarantees'?' Many parents expressed their hope that toys could be included in the 'Three Guarantees'. In this regard, a professional engaged in product quality supervision and inspection said that expensive toys should have higher requirements in terms of durability. At present, the country has relevant standards for the safety of children's toys, but there are no specific requirements and testing standards for the durability of toys. He suggested that the country should introduce toy durability standards as soon as possible. The reporter visited some electrical maintenance points and learned that ordinary children's toys are simple in structure and can be handled by maintenance masters, but they can do nothing if the principles are complex and involve replacement of parts. According to industry insiders, the difficulty in toy maintenance lies in the accessories. It is reported that there are more than 4000 varieties of toys, and there are many parts and components of the products. Unlike home appliances, toys do not have uniform specifications and standards, and toy products are upgraded quickly and have a short sales cycle. Products launched by manufacturers are often out of fashion after a while. When you buy this toy, it may have begun to be delisted. Therefore, the manufacturer does not produce spare parts. Even if the toys produced by the same manufacturer look similar, many parts and accessories are quite different, so it is impossible to replace each other. Toy repair costs are high and profits are low, and it is thankless to provide this service specifically. It is reported that many self-employed households in China tried to open repair toy shops before, but they all died soon, and basically none of them have survived. The relevant person of the China Toy Association analyzed that the state has not clearly stipulated the responsibilities of businesses for toys that are damaged due to non-quality problems. At present, a few big-brand toy manufacturers have begun to pay attention to this demand of customers, and toy repair services are also being launched.
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