Can Migu Music complete the innovation in the field of intelligence?

by:Ennas      2021-12-17

Listening to songs through wearable devices such as bracelets, watches, and watching concerts at home are nothing new. Maybe you think these are far away from our lives, but Migu music may turn them into 'one step away.' 'It is possible that even listening to genuine music through toys may become a reality. In recent years, Migu Music has played a 'combination punch' to satisfy the appetite of many users. The reporter learned that this year, Migu Music will have another 'new punch-' Plan, in-depth cooperation, and jointly launch innovative products and popular music activities for users.  Music is the center of the circle. Turn on the 'M-' mode.  Music is an indispensable thing in life. The cooperation around music is diverse, and the way of music presentation is also not limited. 'This is a brand-new cooperation model. In terms of the M-PLAY project, we plan to cooperate with 100 outstanding smart hardware manufacturers. Through the open API interface of the capability platform, we can develop smart bracelets and watches equipped with massive songs from Migu Music. , Toys, etc., and popularize them, users can listen to high-quality songs through certain operating procedures, fashionable and beautiful, and realize the diversification of music presentation.' The relevant person in charge of Migu Music introduced. In addition, in addition to M-PLAY, the person in charge also introduced the M-COOPERATION plan (content cooperation) and M-SINGER (musician cooperation) two major plans. He said: “Although the monthly sales volume of songs on our platform is hundreds of millions, the sales channel is very important. We plan to cooperate with 20 industry giants in 2015 to broaden the content sales channels. In terms of cooperation with musicians, the original artist plan and The campus singer contest has achieved results, and the support and cooperation for music is very meaningful. Therefore, our M-plan is all-round, not only beneficial to the partners, but also to the users to enjoy a new experience.' 'Intelligence' into ordinary homes Intelligentization has become the general trend today. While smart watches, toys and other products that can listen to songs have made users full of expectations, as the 'Karaoke Open Capability' under the 'M-' plan, it has already begun. I took the lead and took the lead in completing the first step of entering the home intelligently. The Migu music box with karaoke function was first launched on January 5, allowing users to taste the sweetness of intelligence first-this Migu music The box provides multi-dimensional services such as one-button touch, voice ordering, smart scoring, multi-screen interaction, and smart humanization. A user of Migu Music Box told reporters: “I’m very excited. I just got my order today on the 29th of last month. Migu music box, this music box with karaoke function, suitable for all ages, can be watched on multiple screens, and can also be DIY music album. There is a wide selection of songs in it, and it can also be intelligently recommended according to the scene, mood and time. The quality is also good. It turns my living room into a KTV box in an instant, which is very cost-effective.” At the beginning of the new year, many smart products exhibited their unique skills and made a good start. Whether smart products can enter thousands of households, we Can you enjoy music anytime, anywhere? We hold our breath and look forward to it. Can Migu Music, which has been deeply involved in the field of digital music, open a new chapter of cooperation and complete innovation in the field of intelligence? We may as well continue to pay attention.
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