Can Japan's popular 'Shiwan' become a hot toy in 2020?

by:Ennas      2022-01-12
Some readers discussed Shiwan in the fan group. The editor learned that after being planted in seconds, Shiwan is too cute and fun~ So today I have non-stop sorted out relevant information on Shiwan and shared it with everyone! What is Shiwan? Baidu Encyclopedia said: The term Shiwan itself comes from Japan. Shiwan is simply a toy with food. Some people in China classify toys that come with children’s meals as Shiwan. The popular Japanese daily bulletin says: Shiwan is just an edible toy as the name suggests. There are many interesting Shiwan in Japan, which are made into very mini foods through various props. The Toy Frontier believes that Shiwan can be a mini food model, it can also be a toy with food, or a toy with food, but from the online search results, everyone’s default Shiwan is more food that can be played. You only need water to play, and after some simple operations, you can make a beautiful mini food. Most of the food is edible, but you must confirm the edible logo on the package. There are many types of 'ShiwanNothing is impossible, only you can't think of it. Seeing this, do you think food play is very interesting? Do you have any experience with Shiwan, do you think Shiwan can be the next hot toy?
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