Can imitate children's toy banknotes be fake?

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

It looks the same as Renminbi, but when you look carefully, it says 'China Children's Bank' on it, and there is a line of black text 'Children's Special Educational Materials' underneath. It turns out that this is a simulated children's toy banknote. 'The child will become rich immediately after buying it!' Yesterday, Mr. Huang from Fuzhou called out when he found out when he was visiting the maternity store in Cangshan Wanda, where the children's banknotes and puppets were sold in bundles. Many parents in the South East Youth News Agency’s general activity group also said that their children had bought them before, and it was the school teacher who asked their children to buy them and bring them to the classroom as teaching aids. It is understood that the denominations of children's banknotes range from 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan to 50 yuan, 1 yuan, and the pattern is the same as the renminbi in circulation on the market. In the next semester of the first grade of elementary school, there is a requirement to teach children about RMB. Some elementary school teachers will use children's banknotes produced by 'China Children's Bank' as teaching materials. Mr. Huang said that the children's banknotes and dolls he saw in the maternity store were sold in bundles, and they were stapled on the dolls with a stapler. The face value ranges from 100 yuan to 1 cent, and they are very complete. In the South East Youth News Agency’s general activity group, “One Minute Mother” said that when the child was in the first grade, the child bought children’s money from a small shop near the school because of the teacher’s needs. 'The good mother bubblingly said that there are still this kind of children's banknotes in the drawers at home. They were also bought when the child was in the first grade, in order to cooperate with the teacher as classroom teaching aids. There are various denominations, and it is a complete set. The reporter learned from two elementary school teachers in Cangshan District, Fuzhou, that in the second semester of the first grade of elementary school, mathematics teachers are indeed required to teach children about RMB. Because the real banknotes are dirty, some teachers may let the children buy this kind of children's banknotes as teaching aids. . Yesterday, the reporter also consulted the Currency Operations Department of the Fuzhou Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China. The staff replied that if the pattern is consistent with the renminbi circulating in the market, but it is not authorized to be used by the People’s Bank of China, it is an illegal printed matter and is not allowed to be used or sold. , Once the bank finds illegally printed RMB patterns, it will contact the industry and commerce department to investigate and seize it.
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