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Can a resin figurine be put in a tank?

Can a resin figurine be put in a tank?


Resin statues are great decorative items that can completely change the vibe in your living room, or garden, and why not? Even in your fish tank! If lately, your fish seem to be quite bored of their endless swimming around in circles, it may be time to upgrade their tank! From bright corals to vessel ruins and spectacular marine creatures, resin figurines can bring your aquarium back to life! But… wait a second! Are resin figurines waterproof? Are they safe for your fish? Let’s find out together. 

Are resin figurines waterproof?

Resin figurine manufacturers often use polyester resin, a type of synthetic resin that tends to be quite resistant and durable. This is also the case for our resin statues, meaning that our products perform well under high levels of humidity, water exposure, extreme temperatures, and aging. So, are resin figurines waterproof?

Well, the answer is quite complicated. To put it simply, neither yes nor no. Even though random contact with water shouldn’t damage your statues, prolonged exposure to it may cause your figurines to crack or lose their shining painting. But no reason to despair! You can still upgrade your fish tank, you just need to know how to do it properly.

How to waterproof your resin statues

Waterproofing your statues is neither difficult nor expensive. All you will need is a polyurethane sealer spray. We know the name sounds extremely complicated, but trust us, this product is quite easy to find. You can buy a polyurethane sealer spray in most home improvement retail stores for a relatively cheap price, ranging from $5 to $10 dollars. This product is often used to protect objects made of wood, metal, and other materials from water, sun exposure, and a variety of chemicals.

How does polyurethane sealer spray work?

We are not going to lie. The process can be quite complicated so let us give you the simplest answer. To put it simply, sealer spray contains polyethylene particles. These are suspended in a liquid that quickly evaporates once the spray is applied to an object. This allows the polyurethanes left behind to bond to the resin surface providing that much-needed protection. Alright, this all sounds great, but how can you apply polyurethane sealer spray to your resin figurines?

How to apply polyurethane sealer spray

In order to apply your spray you first need to make sure your statue is clean. To do so, you will just have to take a cloth and remove all the dust from it. You can then start applying your polyurethane sealer spray. Follow the instructions on the product to avoid mistakes. On average, you should spray from a distance of a few centimeters. Avoid overusing the product as this can damage your figurines. Let the spray dry and check the label to see whether you need to apply more than one coat. Usually, two coats do the job.


Make sure to use precautions when spraying your figurines. Keep in mind that polyurethane sealer spray contains highly inflammable materials. So make sure to avoid smoking cigarettes while working on your project. Another good tip is to wear a protective face mask to avoid breathing harmful substances and particles.

How often should you reapply your protective coat?

This largely depends on the product you use to protect your statues. However, as a rule of thumb, spraying your statues once a year tends to be enough.


A few things to keep in mind before adding resin figurines to your tank

Are resin figurines safe for your marine wildlife?

Ok, now you know everything about how to make your resin figurines waterproof. But are they safe for your fish? The short answer is yes. Most fish won’t mind a few decorative statues but there is a ‘but’. Sharp edges can damage fish fins, so make sure to choose a safe design.

Don’t exaggerate

Adding decorative figurines to your tank can quickly become an addiction thanks to the many stunning designs available out there. But let’s not forget that your fish need space too! In the end, this is their home, right? A few beautifully chosen statues will give that much-needed sparkle to your tank, leaving enough space for your fish to swim around and enjoy their new home.


So now you know! To summarize, resin statues are usually waterproof but prolonged exposure to water can cause damage. This is why it is important to apply a protective coat using products such as a polyurethane sealer spray. Just make sure not to overcrowd your tank and use statues without sharp edges to protect your fish. It’s now time to choose your favorite figurines and give your fish a much-deserved home decor transformation! We can assure you that your fish will be eternally grateful.

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