'Cabbage price' toys without packaging and labels should be bought with caution

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

Last Saturday, at the entrance of Nancheng Hospital, a man set up a street stall to sell toys at the 'cabbage priceCan you buy such a cheap toy? Are there hidden dangers? In this regard, experts pointed out that it is necessary to be cautious when buying toys at roadside stalls. Parents should choose toys with labels, manufacturers, and relevant certifications for their children to prevent the purchase of inferior goods or refurbished goods, which may bring hidden dangers to children’s health and safety. . 'Cabbage price' toys were not packaged and labelled. On Saturday, the downstairs of Nancheng Hospital's vaccination center was crowded with people. Many hawkers spotted business opportunities and came to sell toys. A man selling toys at a street stall yelled, 'Toy dolls are all 10 yuan and 2 dolls, and'Barbie' dolls are 2 yuan each...' Such cheap toys have attracted many parents and children to stop and choose. The reporter saw that the dolls placed on the ground, if they were of the same size, cost at least 20 yuan each in the supermarket. However, the dolls on the ground have no packaging and no labels. When you pick it up and observe carefully, you will find that although these dolls look relatively clean, some have faded, and some have messy surface hair. The reporter picked up a bear doll and discovered that the stitches on its back had become detached, and the cotton exposed inside was obviously black. All signs indicate that the toys sold by the man should be refurbished second-hand toys. A nearby stall sells toy pistols at 2 yuan per hand, but the plastic smells pungent. Regular toys have 3C certification. Inferior toys endanger children's health. It is understood that my country has implemented mandatory product certification for toy products since 2007. Children's toys produced by regular manufacturers should have factory address, factory name, safety warning, age of use, and 3C mark certified by the state. Most of the toys sold at roadside stalls do not have the above-mentioned logo information, and some do not even have the label. Dr. Li, Department of Pediatrics, Dongguan Maternity and Child Health Hospital, believes that for children’s health, it is best not to buy toys of unknown origin, because children are exposed to toys every day. If you buy refurbished toys or even contaminated toys, then yes. Children's health will bring great hidden dangers.
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