Buying toys should consider the value of education to avoid blind consumption

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

How to buy toys for children? How many toys are suitable for children? With the improvement of modern people's economic conditions, the things they eat, wear, and play have improved significantly, especially children's toys, which are changing with each passing day. Parents’ cognition and attitude towards children’s toys and games will not only affect their purchasing behavior, but also reflect the parents’ educational outlook, which is directly related to children’s growth and development.   Parents blindly follow the purchase of toys. The reporter found that most of the cheap toys on the market range from a few yuan to a dozen yuan, and the expensive ones can reach thousands of yuan. Many parents have bought many toys for their children. Compared with traditional parenting concepts, most citizens agree that toys play an important role in the growth of children, and respect children's preferences for toys. Many parents of urban families said that it is normal to have 20-50 toys at home. Parents are willing to spend money to buy toys for their children, and the types of toys also diversify as children grow up.   For the purchase of toys, some new parents are a little blind. The reporter found in the interview that many parents do not know how to buy suitable toys for their children, so they can buy them as long as they like them. Some parents expressed their distress to reporters: “The toys at home are almost out of place, but the baby will only hold it in his hand or throw it on the ground, and will not play at all.” Many parents said that they bought home toys. There are many toys, but they don’t suit the children’s preferences.  Educational value should be considered when purchasing  With some parents’ confusion, the reporter interviewed Huang Haihua, a teacher in an urban elementary school. Teacher Huang said that children don't like a toy, and the time to play is short. Most of them are not bought well by adults and the quality of accompanying play is not high. 'Parents should understand the physical and psychological development characteristics of children of different ages, and take into account the play characteristics of toys and the role of ability exercise. Don't let the children or feel free to buy them.'    Teacher Huang suggested that on what conditions to buy toys, Every family should have its own rules on who decides to buy and how much toys to buy. 'Agree on these matters at the family meeting and strictly implement them. With the restrictions of rules, children will not be too casual.'    'Toy education is happy education. Only toys that make children happy can mobilize children to the fullest extent possible. The desire for knowledge and creativity will increase their self-confidence.” Teacher Huang said that many parents only value the educational functions of toys, and lack knowledge of other values u200bu200bof toys. 'The multi-faceted value of toys should be considered, and multi-angle and interesting toys should be purchased for the baby.' Safety performance is the most important    Nowadays, the toy market is complicated, how should parents choose? The staff of the Marketing Section of the Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce believes that the most important thing in choosing toys is safety. Relevant personnel from the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce suggested that when purchasing domestic toys, parents should first check whether they meet the national standard of gb6675 'Toy Safety'; if they are imported toys, they should see whether they meet the European Community toy standards, generally there will be 'ce'. Typeface. Secondly, it depends on whether the toy is marked with the manufacturer's name, factory address, trademark, age group, safety warnings, maintenance methods, implementation standard number, product qualification certificate, etc. On the more standardized product packaging, the age suitable for playing will be marked, and toys that correspond to the actual age of the child must be selected, and must not be 'over-aged.' 'Especially metal toys, launching toys, plush toys, electric toys, etc., must be aware of the age group and instructions for use, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to children and others.'    Finally, try to buy genuine toys, for cheaper ones. Replica or inferior toys should be carefully inspected. Do not buy toys with rough workmanship, sharp parts or peculiar smells. 'If a child hurts a child because of a toy, the public may wish to defend their rights with confidence and seek justice between the child and themselves.'
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