Burn six fires and make gift promotions

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

From the goal to the effect evaluation, one can't be less. A complete advertising gift promotion event planning, including planning goals, planners, planning basis, planning objects, planning plans, planning effect evaluation six elements.     goal is the key.    advertising gift promotion planning goal is a pre-planning of the situation or effect of advertising gift promotion, that is, after consumer analysis, market analysis and product analysis, the appropriate advertising gift promotion target is selected and determined. Targetless advertising gift promotion planning is meaningless planning. Choosing an appropriate advertising gift promotion goal is the basis for formulating advertising gift promotion strategies and various strategies, and is the key to the success of advertising gift promotion activities. The planner is the soul advertising gift promotion activity planner, the center and nerve of advertising gift promotion activity planning, and plays the role of a think tank in the advertising gift promotion activity planning process. The advertising gift promotion activity planner must have extensive knowledge, quick thinking, Rich imagination, deep knowledge of the market, proficient marketing, and innovative spirit. It can be said that the quality of the planner directly affects the quality level of the planning results of advertising gifts promotion activities.      According to the basis, it is necessary to distinguish the planning basis of advertising gifts promotion activities, generally including small and large. On the one hand, the big basis is based on the planning goals of advertising gifts and promotional activities. The planners can design and produce plans based on the planning goals and target the planned objects, using innovative techniques. The small basis is to use the planner’s knowledge structure in the process of designing and making plans. , Information storage and planning professional information, such as enterprise status, product characteristics, market status, investment in advertising gift design, etc.     Object determines the type of advertising gift promotional activities planning object refers to the brand or service that the advertiser wants to promote. The planning object determines Types of advertising gift promotion activity planning: brand-targeted advertising gift promotion activity planning belongs to corporate image advertising gift planning; advertising gift promotion activity planning aimed at a certain product or service belongs to product sales or service advertising gift promotion activity planning. Plan five features advertising gift promotion activity planning plan refers to a set of creative strategies, methods and steps designed by planners to achieve the planning goals of advertising gifts promotion activities for the planned objects. It must be instructive, creative, feasible, and operable.    The first effect evaluation is the pre-judgment and evaluation of the possible effects of the implementation of the advertising gift promotion activity planning program. Based on this, the success and failure of the advertising gift promotion activity planning can be judged.  Advertising gift promotion activity planning The six elements influence and restrict each other to form a complete and systematic organic system. The role of advertising gift promotion activity planning promotes product sales The advertising gift promotion activity planning provides ideas for the rapid sales of enterprise products and taps the potential purchasing power; It has played an important role in opening up new markets and developing new products for enterprises. It has accelerated the circulation of goods, helped enterprises withdraw funds, and expanded enterprise reproduction. It promoted product upgrading, avoided product backlogs, and improved corporate profitability.      improve corporate culture advertising The creative content and central concept of gift promotion activity planning can predict the market’s business direction, thereby standardizing the business standards of the enterprise. Active advertising gift promotion activity planning not only has appeal to consumers, but also has a high degree of impact on the company and its products. Image summary. When advertising and gift promotion activities spread the concepts of “only complete”, “beautiful” and “only faith” to consumers, it also puts forward corresponding requirements on the company itself, so that the company must standardize business behavior and establish a scientific Management system, improve the corporate image to meet the requirements of consumers on the company. Under the guidance of the theme of advertising gift promotion activities, companies can even more This makes long-term strategic decisions.    Establish corporate image  Advertising gift promotion activity planning contributes to the establishment of the overall corporate image. Continuous, rational and fashionable advertising and gift promotion activities, through the spread of various media, concret and prioritize the image of the company in the minds of the audience, and improve the reputation of consumers for the company. In this way, the corporate culture is penetrated to consumers and strengthened, forming a strong internal cohesion within the company, creating a team with combat effectiveness; enabling consumers outside the company to have more appreciation and trust in the company, and to recognize the corporate culture .     avoid business risks    advertising gift promotion activities planning can enable enterprises to maintain operating characteristics and avoid competition risks. In the modern market, competition is fierce. If any company wants to survive and develop, it must have a magic weapon to overcome the enemy; it will always produce products that are unremarkable and follow in the footsteps of the market, and eventually will be eliminated by the market. The creative planning of advertising gift promotion activities can provide enterprises with new ideas, promote their continuous innovation, and constantly improve the management mechanism, so that enterprises can maintain vitality in the competition. Excellent creative ideas for advertising gifts and promotional activities can not only open up the market for products, but also bring new enlightenment to the enterprise, so that the innovation ability of the enterprise is continuously improved and more market shares are obtained. Keeping a company's products with individuality and characteristics is not only a unique market selling point for the company; it is also the cornerstone of the company's development; a powerful weapon to fight back against competitors' competition.
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