'Brutus bust' _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
Core tip: marble statues, 74 cm tall, Michelangelo created in 1537-1538, is to collect the national art gallery in Florence. Michelangelo lived, marble statue is in Italy, 74 centimeters high, Michelangelo created in 1537-1538, the collection in fiorentina at the national gallery. Michelangelo lived, is in the period of social unrest in Italy. His life is always in the rulers for the church and fiorentina the Medici family services, they are suffocating rule artists are deeply depressed, therefore, Michelangelo has been yearning for a great hero to root out the tyrant. The 'brutus bust statue is a symbol of defiance of feudal tyrant and desire for heroes. Brutus ( BC - 85 BC) 42 years Is the first chief executive of the Roman republic period, the early attended the assassination of Roman dictator Julius Caesar, his character, has the aboveboard in history, democracy is a maintenance, swayed by personal considerations, selfless consul image. Michelangelo chose him as depicting objects, has profound practical significance. Statues, brutus in Roman robes, the face turns to the left side of the powerful, corners of the mouth is closed, the focus of eyes staring at the front, facial expression to show the courage and fair play, witty, firm and uncompromising heroism, shows the face the grim reality of courage. If Michelangelo's 'David' and 'Moses' is a perfect embodiment idealized hero, then this 'can be thought of as brutus bust' reality of the real, the hero with distinct personality characteristic image, an action with the willpower and inner spiritual strength. The head of the statue is not like the author's other works after careful polishing, instead more gives this hero to rough character, increased the reality of the statue. The work is one of the representative works of the late Michelangelo, embodies the author the longing for reality can save heroes of the motherland, also with his good wishes to dispel darkness rule.
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