Bruker won the honor again | Won the '2021 Emerging Brand Award' at JD Supermarket Baby Party

by:Ennas      2022-01-09
good news! The baby party quality festival from small pets to big Jingdong supermarkets was reopened in Beijing. In this festival, we met representatives of well-known mother and baby brands at home and abroad, as well as parenting professionals, and mother and baby media. At the same time, the highly anticipated annual maternal and child industry awards were also born. In the event, Bruco Brick won the 2021 Emerging Brand Award. This important award represents the dual recognition of Bruco Brick by consumers and Bruco Brick President Sheng Xiaofeng was invited to participate and take the stage to receive the award. JD Baby Party is an exclusive shopping festival created by JD Supermarket for Bao Mom and Bao Ba in April every year. It has been held for 7 sessions and has become an important maternal and child marketing node no less than 618 and 11.11. The Quality Ceremony Award Ceremony is a recognition and award given by Supermarket for the maternal and child brands that are outstanding on the platform and loved by consumers. Based on the multi-dimensional comprehensive selection of JD’s platform big data, consumers, media and industry professionals, etc. . Since entering the JD platform in 2019, Bruco Building Blocks have been advancing all the way. In 2020, Bruco Building Blocks won the only authoritative list of IP blockbuster awards certified by for the 2020 Toy Potential Gold Award. In addition, Bruco bricks sold on's explosive creation master series-My Paradise, Bubu Variety Heavy Trucks, Coco Variety Ambulances and other products were also selected on the JD Mall Gold List of Building Blocks. The winning of the 2021 Emerging Brand Award for JD Supermarket Baby Party this time again proves that consumers have strong support for Bruco Bricks and also expresses JD’s high recognition of its excellent quality. JD Supermarket Baby Party 2021 Emerging Brand Award Trophy As an emerging domestic toy brand, Bruco Building Blocks has always been committed to building the brand image of children’s building block experts. With high-quality building blocks that are easy to build, changeable and interactive, it redefines The high standards of China's building block industry. In the future, Bruker Building Blocks will continue to introduce new products and create more building blocks that match the growth of children of different ages, meet consumer needs, and lead the branding and quality of domestic children's toys.
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