Bruker's large-particle building blocks and Toys R Us have launched a billion-dollar strategic cooperation to jointly detonate the toy consumer market

by:Ennas      2022-01-12
On December 23, 2019, Bruker reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Toys R Us, which will deepen cooperation in the future, support domestic brand toys, and held a grand strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the headquarters of Shanghai Putao Technology. Mr. Zhu Weisong, founder and CEO of Putao Technology, Mr. Zhu Gemin, Managing Director of Toys R Us China, and Mr. Sheng Xiaofeng, CEO of Bruker Technology, delivered important speeches on this strategic cooperation. The two parties are full of confidence and expectation for the achievement of this strategic cooperation, and both stated that they will fully implement the strategic cooperation framework in terms of products, markets, and operations in 2020, in order to achieve the goals set jointly. Mr. Zhu Gemin, Managing Director of Toys R Us China, and Mr. Sheng Xiaofeng, CEO of Bruco Technology With rich experience in construction and user operation, it is one of the most important toy retailers in China. In the past few years of cooperation, Bruker has established a close partnership with Toys R Us. Faced with the escalating consumer demand for toys, it is also at a new stage where Bulu can greatly enhance the brand's energy. Bulu can choose Toys R Us to become the officially signed strategic partner of 100 million yuan, hoping that Bulu may cooperate with Toys R Us joins hands to further detonate the Chinese toy consumer market. Toys R Us (Asia) is a well-known specialty retailer of toys, puzzles and baby products in the Asian market. It operates more than 500 physical stores and online stores in Asia, and the total number of stores in China has exceeded 200. The unique products sold in the Toys R Us store, the unique store design and user experience have made Toys R Us one of the most well-known toy purchase channels in China. Faced with the upgrading of the domestic consumer market, Toys R Us continuously upgrades and optimizes products and services to meet the needs of consumers. It pays particular attention to the development of the educational toy market, pays attention to entertaining and entertaining, and provides children with age-appropriate and innovative Toy products, which coincides with the concept of the Bruco brand. Mr. Zhu Gemin, the managing director of Toys R Us China, said after greeting in Chinese: Toys R Us attaches great importance to this strategic cooperation and is very looking forward to the future cooperation between the two parties. We have accumulated a total of With a wealth of experience, we currently have more than 200 stores in 62 cities in China. The number of members ranks first in the Chinese toy industry. We have done a good job in member management and communication. We also have a good understanding of the Chinese toy market. R Us is confident in helping Bruco do a good job in the market. Mr. Zhu Gemin, Managing Director of Toys R Us China, delivered a speech. Mr. Zhu Gemin also shared a brand new promotional video of Bruco that will be launched in more than 200 Toys R Us stores nationwide in 2020. This animated short film was originally produced by the Bruco animation team. It combines the mascot of Toys R Us, the giraffe, Jeff, and the favorite animation characters of Bubu, Lulu, and Coco, to create a cheerful Little story of sunshine. Bruker Technology CEO Sheng Xiaofeng said in his speech: After in-depth and long-term discussions with Toys R Us, the two sides decided to establish a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Beginning in 2020, Bruco will operate the Toys R Us (Bruco area) channel with the attitude of operating directly-operated stores, and will comprehensively strengthen cooperation in merchandise, market and operation. In 2020, Bruco will develop up to 6 new product series, from which Bruco will select products that are more suitable for the channel characteristics of Toys R Us, and will also launch special products for Toys R Us. Through a series of more in-depth cooperation, we will jointly build a strategic partnership with a value of 100 million yuan in 2020. After the on-site speech by Mr. Sheng Xiaofeng, CEO of Bruker Technology, Zhugemin said in an interview with reporters that Bruker, as a continuously innovative Chinese building block brand, allowed me to see the hope of Chinese toy brands. At the same time, Bruker launched Large-particle building block products bring different fun to children, and I believe they will be very popular with children. Zhugemin was interviewed by reporters. This time, Bruker and Toys R Us will give full play to their brand, product and operational advantages. I believe that Bruco and Toys R Us, with the joint efforts of the team, have successfully enabled more children and parents to experience the Bruco large-particle building blocks specially designed for children aged 1-6, and give full play to the energy of the strong collaboration. , Further detonating the Chinese toy market.
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