Bruker's building blocks appeared at China Toy Fair, these wonderful things are worth looking forward to

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
On October 21, the 19th China International Toy Fair (China Toy Fair 2020) will be grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is understood that this year's Toy Fair has novel product concepts and diverse forms, with a scale of 230,000 square meters. It will attract a large number of well-known toy brands at home and abroad to come and check in. It is known as a truly one-stop high-quality toy procurement platform. In this exhibition, the booth effect built by Bruco building blocks stood out, creating an immersive exhibition experience for people who came to the exhibition, and bringing the Bruco team, the Qichu wizard series and many other new products to the exhibition. pay attention to. The unique design of the booth stands out. A number of new products were unveiled at this year's China Toy Fair. The booth design of Bruco Bricks is particularly eye-catching. Bruker has ingeniously integrated the elements of the building blocks into the design of the booth, restoring the design of the building block barrel, which is very representative in many exhibition areas. Appropriate booth design is closely integrated with vivid IP elements, which more directly reflects the positioning of children's building block experts, and strengthens the brand-new brand image. Let the image of Bruco bricks be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and allow exhibitors to focus on the brick products themselves. The Bruco Bricks booth is not only that, but Bruco Bricks also adopted a new design concept in the booth construction to present the products more three-dimensionally, more vividly and more cutting-edge, and better shorten the distance between the participants. Bruco Brick Booth Among the exhibited products, Bruco Bricks focused on displaying the newly developed Bruco Team, somatosensory remote-controlled building block cars and Qichu Elf series new products, Qichu barrel, Qichu Elf digital logic train, and building block rail car Such products fully demonstrate the age-appropriateness and professionalism of Bruker blocks. Bruker has done careful work on the age grading of the building blocks, and the new products displayed this time also cover all age groups of children growing up. Faced with the characteristics of rapid development of children and large changes in growth characteristics, the new products of the different series of Bruker blocks can meet the characteristics and needs of children of all ages. The corresponding building system and interactive system are designed for children at each stage. Meet the needs of children's growth. Powerful original domestic products redefine the industry standard. With the change of domestic parents’ concept of childcare, toy consumption has become more rational, especially young parents pay more attention to the cultivation of children’s abilities. Therefore, in this year’s China Toy Fair, educational toys are also Will become one of the key exhibition areas. As an indispensable part of educational toys, building blocks can exercise children's imagination, creativity and hands-on ability. Therefore, they have become the toy products that exhibitors are primarily concerned about. Bruco blocks keenly captures the needs of parents. It is entertaining, entertaining, able to fight, change, and interact, which has become the biggest highlight of Bruco blocks products. Faced with the demands of young parents for rational parenting and the pursuit of toy quality and educational properties, Bruker insists on originality and founded the world's first child growth laboratory, in conjunction with professors from top universities, Harvard University. It is meaningful to build Bruker's key growth ability and is recognized by parents. If it is truly called the light of domestic products and is comparable to the core point of overseas brands, it is that Bruco Building Blocks has created a set of building blocks suitable for children's growth and development. In order to keep the product system alive and vigorous, and to allow consumers to continue to have a good consumption experience, Bruker Building Blocks insists on innovation. At present, Bruco blocks have obtained more than 300 patents, and their innovation is far ahead. The most important thing is that Bruker's building blocks have also achieved excellence in the quality and safety that parents care most about. For a long time, Bruker Building Blocks has been producing toys according to the top international standards, and each building block is finely polished, so that every product can pass the EU CE, EU ROHS and Swiss SGS triple certification, strictly control the quality mark, and is committed to building an industry Benchmarking. It is precisely because of the keen insight of young parents, the precise grasp of the market, and the intensive cultivation of high-quality, that Bruco Building Blocks has quickly become a reliable domestic toy brand, and has won many awards and competed with international brands. It is not difficult to understand why the sales of Bruco bricks have been able to grow against the trend, with successive successes, and many outstanding achievements in leading national sales. As a brand of Chinese children's high-quality building blocks, Bruker Building Blocks will bring many high-quality building block products to the exhibition with high industry standards. (For more excitement, please visit Bruker Booth: N1B21)
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