Bruker Building Blocks Appears at CBME with Heavy New Products

by:Ennas      2022-01-25
In the mother and baby market, building block toys are very popular among consumers. In this year's CBME, Bruker's new products will be unveiled at CBME, bringing the most popular products of the year to the majority of maternal and child dealers! If you have any intention of cooperation, you can visit the booth for consultation and cooperation. If you don't have time to watch the exhibition, you can also leave a message through the Baby Brand Network. Focusing on the subdivision of building blocks, Bruco building blocks continue to make efforts to differentiate and high-quality products. Data shows that China is now the world's second largest toy consumer after the United States. However, the huge maternal and child consumer market has long been Occupied by foreign brands, Chinese toys have always lacked a well-known world-famous brand. In many people's stereotypes, building block toys are nothing more than Lego's dominance. Other building block brands want to survive easily in the cracks, and they need to break through against the trend if they want to succeed. In the face of a strong competitor, it is obviously not a wise move to be positive, so Bruker attacked from the side and successfully entered the maternal and child market with large-particle building blocks. Different from other building block products on the market, Bruker Building Blocks is the first to establish a high-standard positioning as a building block expert, and together with Harvard professors to create a large-particle building block system that can fight, change, and interact, which not only avoids the risk of accidental injury by swallowing babies , It also meets the cognitive needs of children and reduces the difficulty of putting together. At the same time, Bruco Building Blocks has also developed a more focused and more age-appropriate building block product based on scientific age. For example, focusing on the key growth of 1.5-3.5 years old, developed the Qichu Wizard series. The original single-hole assembly system is also the current domestic building block. The only brand in China that has developed a single-hole inserting system. Up to now, this series has not only become the best selling product in offline channels, but also a popular product recommended by many kols in Xiaohongshu. For a long time, while creating differentiated phased products, Bruker Building Blocks has been constantly innovating in terms of product iteration and demand satisfaction. At the CBME Maternal and Child Exhibition held a few days ago, Bruker brought the Qichu Elf’s classic building block barrel building block rail car, and three new blockbuster products of the Qichu Elf Party, the building block barrel, were gorgeously unveiled. With this precious opportunity, Bruker In-depth discussions and exchanges with people from all walks of life, showing full sincerity from high-quality and powerful domestic brands. Indeed, every new product of Bruco bricks has been put on the market with great care. Specifically, the classic brick bucket of Qichu Elf is suitable for children aged 1.5-3.5. The rounded single-hole assembly system, 62 particles can be varied17 A variety of shapes, easy to complete the recognition of shapes, colors, and daily things. At the same time, the product is equipped with a cognitive story illustration, which is more conducive to the companionship of parents and children; the building block rail car is easy to use and build, 8 game scenes, 4 interactive gameplays, and versatile It is also educational and can meet the needs of the baby's comprehensive ability growth. It is the first choice for 2+-year-old baby building block rail cars; Qichu Elf Party Building Block Bucket is the first choice for starting building blocks. The easy-to-use shape and role-playing can help babies enhance their food cognition , Fun, educational and playable, parents worry-free, and babies are happy. In the final analysis, no matter how the market and consumers change, products are always the magic weapon for enterprises to win. At this point, Bruker's bricks are already clear to mind. The co-creation of content leverages brand influence, and Bruker blocks fully taps the potential and tension of innovative marketing. In a fragmented marketing environment, simple exposure and brainwashing of viral advertising has become obsolete, and it is difficult for brands to seize users’ memory points for a long time. In the face of the new generation of maternal and child users, their purchasing behavior and decision-making have become more mature and rational. Only more distinctive, more innovative, and more focused expressions can unlock the growth power of users' hearts. Based on the precise positioning of children's building block experts, Bruco Building Blocks is creative first in marketing, focusing on target users, online and offline dual linkages, through all-round and multi-level marketing methods to complete the promotion of brand and product awareness. In the final analysis, where the consumers are, the traffic will be, and where the consumers are, the traffic will be high. With the changes in the catalyst habits and consumer decision-making of the new generation of consumer groups, Bruker Building Blocks is actively playing online IP empowerment. Continuously output lively and interesting stories to deepen the audience's strong understanding of Bruco's IP image, so as to empower Bruco's brand. At the same time, Bruker Building Blocks also targeted CCTV children's and Focus Media advertising, high-frequency implantation of brands, and accurately reached users. At the same time, Douyin and Xiaohongshu are the two major young consumers that can reach the most young consumers. As a new media position, Bruker Building Blocks also continues to build a matrix of communication, actively forming links with users. On the other hand, focusing on offline, offline maternal and infant chain is an important channel for maternal and infant retail. Bruco building blocks have naturally begun to deploy. Up to now, its Qichu Elf series has become a sales ace product in the well-known baby-friendly room. In addition, KidWang, a well-known domestic maternal and child chain retail service provider, has also become the core channel of Bruco Bricks, and continues to help the consumption of Bruco Bricks in the maternal and child industry to detonate. At present, competition in the maternal and infant industry is becoming more and more fierce. The establishment of brand core advantages, product differentiation, and deep user awareness are still the only rules for sustainable development of the brand. Bruco Building Blocks is well versed in it. While continuously developing high-quality products and adhering to differentiated brand positioning, it also boldly innovates in marketing methods to attract people’s hearts. Its successful outreach has not only further consolidated its presence in domestic building block brands. At the same time, it also provides new development ideas and directions for many toy brands.
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