Bruker and Kidswant launched a strategic cooperation to create a new benchmark for toy brands in the maternal and child retail industry

by:Ennas      2022-02-05
On March 10, 2021, Bruker and Kidwant, a leading domestic company in the maternal and infant industry, held the 2021 strategic cooperation kick-off meeting at the headquarters of Kidswant in Nanjing. Resuming the special year of 2020, we also look forward to the new changes, new opportunities and new situations that we will face together in 2021. The two sides agreed on the high growth target of Bruco Bricks in the Kidswant channel in the new year, and officially announced that they will further deepen their cooperation and use children. With Wang’s channel advantages, industry-leading membership system, and omni-channel digital services, Bruker Building Blocks will give full play to the brand potential of children’s building block experts, launch more explosive new products suitable for maternal and child retail channels, and strive to become the leader of the children’s toy category New benchmark. Kidswant CTO He Hui, Kidswant Assistant President Zhou Zhen, Marketing Center Director Liu Hao and other Kidswant’s core leaders and team members, along with Bruker Building Blocks President Sheng Xiaofeng, Marketing Vice President Zhang Xingyu, and Marketing Vice President Liu Junwei, all attended the event. The second strategic cooperation kick-off meeting. Zhou Zhen, Assistant President of Kidswant, first reviewed the sales performance of Bruco bricks in Kidswant in 2020. He said: Despite the impact of the epidemic, the sales volume of Bruker's bricks in Kidswant will increase by 152% in 2020, ranking it among the forefront of the toy category. He added that 2021 will be a good start for the New Year. In just 2 months, the overall sales of Bruco bricks will exceed 40% for the whole year of 2020, and the growth rate is obvious. Therefore, in the new year, we should have more confidence, high goals, strong cooperation, and achieve a win-win situation between the brand and the platform. In recent years, Kidswant has become a platform that can not only meet the needs of C-end users to purchase goods, but also integrate resources from different industries through digital upgrades. He Hui, CTO of Kidswant, also said that Kidswant will use digital tools to fully empower brands and expand their business. In this regard, Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruker Building Blocks, said that as a new domestic toy brand, Bruker attaches great importance to the influence of Kidswant in the mother and baby channel. At the same time, focusing on the new goal of 2021, Sheng Xiaofeng also comprehensively demonstrated the direction of strengthening the distribution of Kidswant channels from the perspectives of people, goods, and markets. He said: In terms of people, we will expand the shopping guide team and set up a professional management team to connect with Kidswant channels. . Efficient management of shopping guides, implementation of mechanisms such as regular training, regular examinations, clear rewards, punishments, and replacement systems. At the same time, it links with shop assistants and parenting consultants to strengthen targeted communication in the community. In terms of goods, Bruco Blocks plans to be listed on Kids King in the future More SKUs, such as the new products of the Qichu Elf series for children under the age of 3, and the new products of the Peppa Pig IP cooperation series; in terms of the field, Bruco blocks will work together online and offline, and online will be output through new media content Influencing Kidswant's tens of millions of members, realizing the construction of Bruker's brand recognition, and creating Kidswant terminal experience scenes offline, face to face with consumers, leading the consumption boom. Kidswant Assistant President Zhou Zhen and Bruker Building Block President Sheng Xiaofeng are different from other maternal and child categories. Toy consumption has obvious scene-based characteristics and needs to provide consumers with more direct interaction and experience. Today, Kidswant has nearly 500 large-scale stores across the country, which is undoubtedly an excellent place for Bruco Bricks to establish strong interaction and strong experience with consumers. At the same time, Kidswant serves 44 million members, which will provide Bruker with more direct and accurate user communication. Finally, Sheng Xiaofeng, President of Bruker Building Blocks, concluded: 2021 will be a new starting point for Bruker's in-depth cooperation with Kidswant. We will actively co-create, explore boldly, and strive to create a model model for Bruker in the maternal and child retail channel. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Kidswant to create a brilliant future.
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