Bruker and Feihe jointly advocate 'Chinese Baby Day' and guard the growth of Chinese babies with high industry standards

by:Ennas      2022-01-16
On May 28, the 528 Chinese Baby Day initiated by Bruker and the outstanding Chinese brand Feihe officially kicked off in Changlong, Guangzhou. Both brands jointly called on the innocence to accompany the fun to create the world. Babies aged 0-3 are the most important wealth of the country and family, the driving force for creating a better life, and the future of the motherland. For this reason, four years ago, Feihe Milk Powder, China Dairy Industry Association and China Dairy Association jointly proposed more than 20 units to jointly propose May 28 each year as a baby’s exclusive holiday-China Baby Day, and called on the society to raise awareness. Concerns about hidden anacons. In this regard, Bruker has always adhered to a new type of parent-child relationship with efficient companionship and growing together while having fun. The highly consistent concept of parenting between the two parties has contributed to this year Bruker and Feihe stand together to guard the growth of Chinese babies. This baby's day event is set in Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World, aiming to create a fun and fun feast for hundreds of families. Let the parent-child families who walk into the Chimelong Paradise and participate in the activities experience the joyful parent-child interaction time here. The three main contents of the day's activities, namely fun tour exploration, Guinness challenge, and stage performance, will be supported by the Bruco bricks brand throughout the challenge of the Guinness project. This Guinness World Record challenge requires the cooperation of many families to build the world's largest tent number 528. Outside the tent area, there is an interactive area for building brick tables and a playing area for brick bricks to make the activities more diverse. Mom and Dad can bring the baby to play at any time. In the interactive area of u200bu200bthe building table, let the baby use his imagination and creativity to form a high-quality companionship between parents and children; in the brick play area, a 2.5-meter-high giraffe and cute The three large building blocks of the little lion and the triceratops restore the shape of the cute pet animals in the triceratops building block gift box, which is the egg-bearing dinosaurs of Bruker Chimelong's co-branded grassland friends. The same toy is available in all Chimelong stores, and it is definitely the best choice for parents to choose the Children's Day gift. Being able to join hands with the outstanding Chinese brand Feihe to jointly propose China Baby Day, in addition to the highly consistent parenting concept of both parties, the Innbruck building block brand continues to integrate advantageous resources to develop building blocks that are truly children's products. Bruker Building Blocks established the world’s first child growth laboratory, which was developed in conjunction with Harvard professors. Each product is developed in accordance with the theory of the key to children’s growth. It is suitable for different age groups in terms of building block particles, puzzle attributes, and difficulty of assembly. The differentiated design has formed a building block system closer to the growth needs of children. The pursuit of high standards and high quality in craftsmanship has allowed each Bruco brick to go through 229 professional processes from concept design to market launch, and the hands of 1,000 children were repeatedly tested. Bruco bricks leads the industry in growth for three consecutive years. In 2020, sales across all channels increased by 232%, becoming the No. 1 brand of domestic children's bricks: Celebrity brick buckets, only sold on Tmall's single platform in 2020 for more than 10 years. 10,000 pieces, and became the No. 1 sales volume of single product in Tmall Double Eleven. In 2020, the sales volume of JD domestic products was the No. 1 sales volume. In the first quarter of 2021, the sales volume of Toys R Us was No. 1, surpassing Lego... ... In the future, Bruker Building Blocks will continue to gain insights into the parents’ high-quality companionship needs, and explore and develop more building blocks suitable for the growth of babies. In addition, Bruker blocks will uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, guarding the high standards of the Chinese building block industry set by Bruker blocks from multiple dimensions such as quality, and accompany children to grow up with high-quality building block products that are safe, interactive and technological.
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