Bronze figurines maintenance method

by:Ennas      2020-06-23
Core tip: 1. 放置铸铜小雕像的房屋必须保持干燥没有尘埃和空气污染物。 In the 18 ℃ - temperature 24 ℃相对湿度在40%- 50%. 2. 1 must prevent small contact cast copper sculpture. 放置铸铜小雕像的房屋必须保持干燥没有尘埃和空气污染物。 In the 18 ℃ - temperature 24 ℃相对湿度在40%- 50%. 2. Must prevent small contact cast copper statue of harmful chemical substances, such as acid, oil and chloride, etc. Move tripod must wear cotton silk gloves, not direct contact with the hand, to avoid being sweat corrosion. Nor make a box or oil paper packaging. 3. The dust on the bronze figurines, with a clean and soft cloth wipe, and those who need to be especially careful details, brittle and vulnerable with soft wool to brush to use cleaner or suck or blow to the dust. 4. To prevent mechanical damage of the bronze figurines, each other should not collide with each other, don't overlying pattern, for details of refined and easy to damage the bronze figurines, more careful maintenance. 5. Bronze figurines put a long time after, on the basis of the environment that puts more or less will appear the phenomenon of some dark dumb, when can the silk cotton cloth wipe gently back and forth, can achieve the effect of polishing, so radiant protection wax layer on the surface of the back. 铸铜小雕像艺术主要表现了造型、质感、纹饰的美多用于表现神秘有威慑力的宗教题材。 Cast copper figurine making generally go through metal smelting, forging, engraving, plating, polishing, red etc. Several important processes. Process is more complex process is also very fastidious.
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