British Toy of the Year-'The Worry Eater'

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

According to a British media report on the 23rd, the most popular toy among children in the UK last year was not a Barbie doll, nor a car or airplane, but a toy called the 'worry eater'. This kind of toy can 'eat' what the child fears most, so it is popular.   According to reports, six years ago, German children's show host Goethe Hahn invented a small cloth man who claims to be able to eat the things that children fear the most in order to relieve the fear of children. This kind of rag doll toy is simple to make, it is a rag doll with a big mouth with a zipper.   The way to eliminate fear is also very simple. The child writes down or draws down the thing he fears, puts it in the doll’s mouth, zips it up, and lets the doll eat it.   Many parents report that using dolls to help their children eliminate fear is very effective. This rag doll has also become the best toy of the year in the UK.
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