British girls cleverly seize business opportunities, buy toys at low prices and sell at high prices

by:Ennas      2021-11-09
[Global Network Comprehensive Report] The British 'Daily Mail' reported on March 14 that Gracie Davis, a 5-year-old girl from Farnworth, UK, saw it on eBay and spent £2.50 (about equivalent to When she bought a limited-edition Shopkins toy of the same model and sold for hundreds of pounds, she seized this opportunity. With the help of her mother, her toys were auctioned for £201.67 (approximately RMB 1873).   Australia-designed Shopkins toys have been popular in the UK since they were launched, and they have been welcomed by children. Gracie used her pocket money to buy this limited edition toy with a total release of only 2500 sets. My mother found that the same toy sold on eBay was $500 (approximately RMB 3,252). So the mother and daughter decided to sell toys. **The final toy was sold for £201.67 on the auction website.  Gracie's mother said: We went to the Toy City for a big purchase. Gracie bought all the toys she wanted. She likes Shopkins very much. She is really creative and imaginative, even if she is only 5 years old. Now she is very happy. (Internship Compiler: Gao Yichen Reviewer: Zhu Yingku)
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