British 'Entrepreneur Sisters'-selling toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

The two sisters have a clear division of labor-sister Elizabeth is responsible for toy sales, and sister Rebecca is the 'head of the dessert department.'  According to Xinhua News Agency, there is a pair of small entrepreneurial sisters in Kent, England, and their ages add up to just double digits. The little sisters sell candies and toys online to earn pocket money, and they will hold meetings, discuss, and write business plans to increase “investment”.   Sister Elizabeth Appleyard is 7 years old, and sister Rebecca Appleyard is only 4 years old. The two live with their parents in Sitingborn, Kent. Their 'career' is to wholesale toys, candies and popcorn from the Internet, and then sell them after being exquisitely packaged to make a difference in price.   This 'career' brings a lot of income to the little sisters compared to children of the same age: they can earn an average of 240 pounds per month (about 2696.25 yuan). The British 'Daily Mail' quoted mother Rachel Appleyard on the 12th as a report: 'I couldn't bear to see them sitting in the corridor with papers and calculators beside them. I live and want to laugh.” Rachel said that the inspiration for the sisters to start a business came from their sister’s interest in business.   'Elizabeth wants to be a scientist and an engineer when she grows up, but she also knows that going to university requires a lot of money,' Rachel said, so Elizabeth intends to save money, and naturally wants to learn how to make money. “At that time, we sat down and discussed several ways to make money. She decided to sell toys and candies,” Rachel said. “We bought some toys on, and she set the price, and then figured out how much money each toy can make. '   The start-up capital of the sisters came from their father and grandfather. In order to obtain investment, they wrote a very professional business plan and successfully obtained 76 pounds (approximately US$125.4) in investment.  Rachel said that the business acumen of the sisters impressed her. 'But what surprised me most is that they don't make noise because of spending money. They are very judgmental and just want to save the money.'
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