Brazil's National Health Inspection Agency introduces new regulations to limit cadmium in toys and jewelry

by:Ennas      2021-11-28

Brazil has introduced regulations to restrict cadmium in toys, jewelry and accessories. The proposed effective date of the new regulations is the date of publication in the official gazette.   In November 2013, the Brazilian National Health Inspection Agency (ANVISA) reported that a batch of 16 tons of cadmium-containing jewelry was detained in the port of Rio de Janeiro. Although the high concentration of cadmium found in these products does not pose an imminent major risk to the public, the four major regulatory agencies have decided to discuss the restriction of cadmium in jewelry. These agencies are:   1, Ministry of Health 2, and national consumers National Consumer Protection Authority (SENACON)  3, ANVISA  4, Brazilian National Organization for Metrology, Standards and Industrial Quality (INMETRO)   In late November 2013, Brazil introduced the PL 6786/2013 Act to regulate jewelry And the concentration of cadmium in toys and accessories. The proposed regulations plan to limit the cadmium content to no more than 300 mg/kg (0.03%). The proposed effective date is the date of publication in the Brazilian Federal Gazette. The main contents of the new regulations are summarized in the following table. Table 1. PL 6786/2013 Act Summary Jurisdiction Scope of Material Requirements Effective Date Brazil Cadmium Toys, Jewelry and Accessories ≤300 mg/kg (≤0.03%) Date of publication in the Brazilian Federal Gazette
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