Brazil's Century Cup 'Fu Lai Ge' mascot will officially land in the Chinese market

by:Ennas      2021-12-06

Brazil, a South American country thousands of miles away, is far away from us. However, an unremarkable toy manufacturer from Zhengji Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province, relied on its own production of the World Cup mascot, instantly linking the names of Brazil and Anhui.  Anhui-produced 'Fu Lai Ge' rushes to Brazil     blue carapace and tail, wearing a white T-shirt and green shorts with the words 'Brazil 2014' printed on it, lively and naughty armadillo holding a football, as if ready to serve at any time! The World Cup is less than a week away, and the continuing hot business opportunities surrounding this tournament have also attracted the attention of global businesses. Toy manufacturers from Tianchang City, Anhui Province have won the first pot of gold.   “Toys are stitched, stitched, and printed, 100% of Anhui genes.” A staff member of Tongchuang Toys Company in Zhengji Town, Tianchang City, told reporters that fans all over the world can buy the mascot in the Brazilian market. In addition, the recent promotion of the World Cup mascot theme has been held in China, which means that the armadillo fuleco, which is affectionately referred to by Chinese fans as 'Fulaige  Sports fans signed an order of 10 million yuan  It is hard to imagine that at the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, most of the armadillo fuleco, the mascot bought by fans from all over the world, was actually produced in Tianchang City Tongchuang Toy Factory. In the interview, the person in charge of this toy factory said this 'transnational marriage'. The boss of the toy factory, Yu, told reporters that he is a sports enthusiast and he pays real-time attention to sports events such as the Olympics, the European Cup, and the World Cup. On TV, he often sees the mascot as an important image of the event, usually as a gift besides the medal. To athletes or appear in the hands of spectators. You can fully participate in the toy industry. Thus, the idea of u200bu200bproducing mascots for foreign competitions came up. 'At the beginning of 2013, the countdown to the World Cup in Brazil, I took the initiative to contact the larger foreign trade companies in the country to express my strong desire to customize the 'Folai Ge'; because I have cooperated with many of these companies many times before, and at the same time, Tianchang and other well-known toy companies have production lines. Operating at full capacity, in May 2013, multiple factors allowed us to be selected by a foreign trade company in Nanjing to obtain an order for 500,000 World Cup mascot armadillos.” u200bu200bBoss Yu told reporters, “Since then, due to market demand, this foreign trade company The company added another 200,000 orders. This business achieved an output value of 11 million yuan, accounting for 90% of the company's final output value for the year.    Toys Achieve 100 Million Club For a long time, consumption, export, and investment have been called the troika of economic growth. . With the characteristic toy industry and the formed industrial agglomeration effect, the less-obtrusive doll industry has successfully found a fulcrum in Tianchang City to stimulate foreign trade exports.    The toy processing industry in Tianchang City started in the early 1990s, and was initially established in Jinan. After more than 20 years of market baptism, the development of Ji and Qinlan towns has gradually expanded to all towns in the city, and has formed a manufacturing center represented by Yeshan Town and Zhengji Town. At the same time, it has successfully built from Ru0026D and design to stamping and tailoring. Then to embroidered packaging, a complete toy industry production chain. More importantly, it has completed the traditional cloth plush toys with low added value from the first products, to high-end toy products such as plastic toys, electric toys, voice-activated toys and educational toys. According to reports, as of now, the number of toy processing enterprises in Tianchang City has exceeded 400, among which nearly 40 are large-scale enterprises. The annual self-operated export value is maintained at about 50 million US dollars each year, accounting for more than 10% of the city’s total export volume. .
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