Brass not gold of fine gold is a bronze: identify & quot; Rust & quot; The quickest way to _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-24
Core tip: old bronze body is full of rust, rust is really false, however, identify the rust, research rust problem becomes very important. Because the rust wrapped in an outer layer of artifacts of old bronze body is full of rust, rust is really false, however, identify the rust, research rust problem becomes extremely important. Because rust generally wrapped in an outer layer of artifacts implements of rust if it is true, then the most artifacts can determine for genuine. Bronze objects really rust hardness large, diverse and distinct. True rust, implements the elder buried underground, rust, deep blue-green, some have crack, crack, it is rusty. If a implements corroded seriously will appear much weight loss phenomenon. Hard green rust have layers, each layer of rust color is different, deep shallow. Visible crystallization membrane flash rust, most belong to hoard goods or buried. In addition, the color of rust, reflects the stand or fall of copper. The ancients have 'brass not gold, gold is bronze'. There is a 'pool', rust, colorful, people used to call it the 'colorful', is difficult to fake rust. 'Pit' or 'pit' of the rust, fermentation, hair bubble, osteoporosis, burst, bubbling, grain, etc. Bronze and 'FanJin' or 'refund' phenomenon, but in only just casting complete, has not been used on the grave of artifacts, almost all these excavated in the shang dynasty anyang formation, other parts only individual. Ancient rust and those called 'mercury', also known as 'black lacquer', is one of the warring states period to the han dynasty high technology of metallurgy process, is a valuable rare species, in the late tang dynasty has been lost, to almost extinct, song dynasty can be divided into the surface layer, permeable formation, grey, black lacquer has red, green, blue, white, yellow color. Pseudo rust color is not straight, some are 'powder green', color is more bright-coloured. Pseudo unstable rust, rust paint color, with marks of brush and hair legacy. Chemistry of the rust, like a deep pit green rust, stomatal smell. Imitation of rust and defects, easy to recognize. Knowledge about green verdigris play bronze antiques there will be a big help, playing for a long time will have their own experience.
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