Blue and white porcelain of Ming dynasty to appreciate _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-18
Core tip: is the most representative of the Ming dynasty porcelain four periods. The first is the hongwu period, the hongwu porcelain is the founding emperor zhu yuanzhang his this time on the stage. This period of China it is the most representative inherited the Ming dynasty porcelain is four periods. The first is the hongwu period, the hongwu porcelain is the founding emperor zhu yuanzhang his this time on the stage. In this period it is inherited the achievements of yuan dynasty blue-and-white porcelain porcelain on the basis of development. It is show the characteristics of the main shape is large, large, compares massiness, decorative pattern is rigorous, level is more, these are inherited the style of the yuan dynasty. The yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain, the level of the it a lot. Is very strict. Do you like it a plate, plate along the plate body, bottom and place without a gap, is full of blue and white was full. Hongwu inheritance of blue and white porcelain, it is very obvious. In the beginning, the hongwu blue and white porcelain, with the yuan dynasty porcelain is very difficult to distinguish clearly. Clear dynasty porcelain, its level is much, shape also is big, too heavy, so the layout is also very serious, but it can also create a new situation. This is clearly a hongwu porcelain, it the auxiliary pattern is identical with the yuan dynasty blue and white. But you see it the body of the decorative pattern, it is a camellia, the camellia, it is a flower, a flower, the layout of the picture is more shu lang, is to make people have room for appreciation, but there is also room for aftertaste, not feel very crowded, not let a person feel squeezed out of breath. This is developing in the direction of the literati paintings. Advocate the artistic style, white heaven and earth wide, the style of the shu lang. Yongle period of the porcelain, this is a typical, it fully inherited the early situation of hongwu, you see it the edge is also very stretch, and do a very delicate, porcelain body thin, painting is very beautiful. The xuande period, it on the workmanship, fully inherited the yongle, but its character of landscape, in the painting above possesses more human, it a porcelain is a map of China, the drawing very implicative, very beautiful. The period of chenghua, it's one of the main works of its expression is the specification, it is meticulously according to the requirements of the art of royal. You see it the layout of this pattern, a main body pattern, the auxiliary pattern, it is very beautiful, also wrote inscription, the emperor's name, title of the emperor. All written rules, where the writing is what place.
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