Big bird wings fly far

by:Ennas      2020-06-01
Core tip: my long lost pen, but wanted to write a few words today. Ren Yanming is my best buddy! We founded the Chinese figurines network together, he is also one of the founders. Time flies, I long lost pen, but today want to write a few words. Ren Yanming is my best buddy! We founded the Chinese figurines network together, he is also one of the founders. Time flies, ten years, this is the first time he do personal exhibition in Beijing, I personally and on behalf of the Chinese small statue nets in the most sincere and warm greetings! Ren Yanming and I are countrymen, mind, when he was a child was carrying a big about painting and I are in a painting class. He has a big except name called 'big bird', it is said that he was in high school by imitating animated film 'the big bird in China' in the big bird, by their class classmate played a nickname 'big bird', he accepted, and gentle circle of people like to call him 'big bird', so that some people only know don't know who is Ren Yanming 'big bird'. During the study of lu xun academy of fine arts, I was in senior year his freshman year, two years old life suddenly. Later, LuMei figurines to studio system of teaching, study the hobo in his studio, LuMei figurines have always is famous for its basic skill. In LuMei, he laid the solid realistic foundation, performance are excellent, excellent graduation, Mr. Young hobo intentionally will he stay in LuMei substitute for one year, due to not express his choice left LuMei to work in Shanghai. Is the fate, I have something ask him to come over here to help, he went to nanjing, settled down. In 2005, he was admitted to the institute of fine arts, nanjing university, a graduate student with Mr Wu, from now on be was a disciple of the Mr Wu's proudest and most capable assistant. After graduation stay in ntu institute of fine arts work to date. 'Bearing master of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting mind image' is the theme of the exhibition, and the creation of the big birds. He often and I said, follow Mr Wu is lucky, he must try to create on Mr Encouragement and expectations. The exhibition is an expression of his persistent pursuit of art is to report exhibition of Mr. 'Big bird' diligence is admirable. He often want to in and out of Beijing, datong, nanjing, to bring both the ntu's class, but also to take care of young children, give attention to two or morethings in ordinary average person must have no mind to do writing, he insisted to do the remaining time to create, to actively take part in all kinds of exhibitions, in really not easy. 'Big bird' main theme is 'drunk', remember one day he told me cheerfully, chose a creation theme is 'drunk', to listen to him carefully, is really a good story, the wine can and almost any culture together, humans have the extra food have the wine, also can say with wine is the culture, Chinese culture has remained unchanged since the song of wine, a celebrity is common good wine drinking. Every word is the classic of Chinese culture, it is easy to resonate. Looked at his one thing to do, very is envy! Both artificial and elegant, aka, blow out a deep Mr Wu chuan! A few days ago I went to the studio to see him, he said that the exhibition in haste, the exhibition hall is too big, in order not to show too little, get some boots, the works of other subjects is very sorry, later will can spend more time in drunk, he want to do is to make more and better works. I wish 'big bird' exhibition a complete success! At the same time to Mr Wu said deep respect and congratulations! I wish China figurine institute promotion show the than a successful! Li Guangyu on November 27, 2014
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