'Beyond time and space of dialogue - — Wu small sculpture exhibition 'will be carried out

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core tip: Saturday August 16 (wu small sculpture art exhibitions will be on August 18, the phoenix center exhibition in Beijing. The art exhibition to transcend time and space 'dialogue' as the theme, contains Beijing, August 16 (wu small sculpture art exhibition in Beijing on August 18, the phoenix center display. The art exhibition to transcend time and space 'dialogue' as the theme, including dialogue with history, with the real dialogue, dialogue with the west, and the spirit of dialogue, dialogue with phoenix center, such as connotation, shows the wu nearly thirty years since the creation of more than 120 suites classic. Figurines home wu long-term commitment to Chinese cultural spirit in melt infiltration and performance in Chinese figurines, created a great number of influential figurines. Rome, Italy's national museum, the fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge, England and other world famous museum permanent planted his works 'qi baishi and leonardo Da Vinci dialogue' and 'Confucius', etc. Wu first modern Chinese style of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting figurines, figurines proposed freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese theories and 'Chinese figurines eight style theory', published a number of theoretical works. He has long been actively promote the spread of contemporary Chinese art in the world, for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges have made important contributions. The art exhibition to transcend time and space 'dialogue', named a bronze works of wu. On May 2, 2019 is the 500th anniversary of leonardo Da Vinci's death. On the same day, wu figurine works 'beyond time and space dialogue - — Leonardo Da Vinci and qi baishi art research institute was unveiled in Italy, and accompanied by Michelangelo figurine works display, sanfeng fiorentina. Now, in the eastern and western different space, different in ancient and modern time, the two master of art through time and space dialogue will be held in the center of the phoenix, also waiting for the participation of the viewer. Throughout the creation process of the wu is not hard to find, and its artistic practice is also a process of 'dialogue'. In the center of the phoenix, the audience will commune with more than 120 piece lifelike statues, including a large number of wu to shape the image of the Chinese culture celebrities, including represents the image of the yellow emperor, emperor yan figurines, also covers such as fan zhongyan, du fu, bai juyi in the history of the famous poets, writers, and qian mu, Liu Bannong, wen yiduo, modern cultural celebrities. Exhibition would be held in the center of the phoenix, also is 'tho arrangement'. The modelling of the phoenix center idea from unlimited symbols - — Mobius ring, its special architectural style, space and culture from the view of the topology is connected up, formed by a continuous whole level and ring structure and strewn at random, a symbol of the characteristics of the phoenix property, of tolerance and openness for the integration of culture idea is the essence of art of wu. The independently designed and built by the Chinese engineering, construction 'double' award in 2017, the world - — 'The international outstanding structural engineering award', '2017 fidic project outstanding award'. In addition to the two international top awards, phoenix center also won the national first batch of green construction demonstration project, China steel structure ( National high quality project) , zhan tianyou civil engineering award, the Beijing municipal construction and completion of such as domestic cup double gold cup in the field of building construction quality awards, become quality prize 'grand slam' project. It is reported, 'beyond time and space of dialogue - — Wu statuettes show 'roll over for two months, will last to October 18, 2019. During the exhibition, Mr Wu will be on the scene, for audiences in the depth of the creator solution. Wu will be held on September 7, opening small sculpture 'show', then there will be a cultural scholar and literary celebrities to come to the exhibition.
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