Bernsch children's LCD handwriting board, carefree graffiti, energy saving and environmental protection, freeing children's brain thinking and imagination

by:Ennas      2022-01-22
In the first school season, what kind of gift should be given to the child that will allow the child to study hard without harming the body? Presumably, this problem has hurt many parents' brains. In this era of rapid technological development, electronic products can be seen everywhere. Mobile phones are not only a hobby of adults, but also objects that many children indulge in. Choosing a liquid skateboard in the form of a mobile phone should be regarded as the best school opening ceremony for children. ! Bainsch children's LCD handwriting board restores the pressing feeling of real paper, accurate pen and pen, smooth and smooth, allowing children to swim in the ocean of thinking, give full play to their brain imagination, and record every zero sense of art that belongs to them. Bainsch children's LCD handwriting board can be recycled, repeated writing, green and energy-saving, saving paper can well avoid children's direct contact with toxic pigments and dust inhalation injury. Bainsch children’s LCD handwriting board is made of original thick plastic material, which is flexible, strong, durable, and has a smooth feel. It can withstand the damage of accidental fall during normal use, so that children can use it for a long time without waste. Bainsch Children’s LCD Handwriting Tablet has a one-key erase function, no eraser is needed, and the traces of painting can be instantly erased with a single tap, allowing children to draw as they want, and use their brain imagination anytime, anywhere. It can also freeze frame with one key, anti-erasing function, and save the wonderful pictures of children's pens. Bensch Children’s LCD Handwriting Board selects flexible LCD screens, eye-protecting LCD, no bright light, no blue light, no electromagnetic radiation, 45° chamfers on the edges are finely polished, tightly stitched injection molding stitching + comfortable grip frosted texture, so that babies can use it with peace of mind , Escort your baby's wonderful creation. Baenshi children’s LCD tablet is available in Moonshadow Blue and Warm Sun Pink. It is refreshing and eye-protecting, allowing babies to scribble freely, swimming in the ocean of thinking and imagination, and releasing the imagination of the brain.
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