Benin: African figurines temple _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: quiet the Niger river, thousands of kilometers, winding deliberately flows through the heart of west Africa. She irrigation in this vast land, not only for nurturing the people here, at the same time and quiet the Niger river, thousands of kilometers, winding deliberately flows through the heart of west Africa. She irrigation in this vast land, not only for nurturing the people here, at the same time created the africans are proud of Mali, and in accordance with the civilization and benin kingdom. In the benin kingdom civilization symbol of bronze culture, is the African culture art open bright flowers in the garden. In the west African country, whether it's in the of primitive simplicity and ethnic characteristics of the national museum, or in benin and Ghana amorous feelings of national art village, and even in burkina faso and Togo rainbow handicraft market, you will see the benin kingdom period bronze statues and reliefs in different poses of the original or copy. The size of around 50-100 cm art modelling is vivid, exquisite workmanship, lifelike image. A bronze statue of the king and queen, manner and the samurai's head as if to declare the glory of the benin kingdom heyday. And benin court life, Kings and warriors in bronze relief is like the picture scroll of history, describes the story of that era. The benin kingdom is located in the gulf of guinea west Africa coast down to the depths of the jungle. As a medieval kingdom of formation of a black man, in the 800 years it, always is one of the continent's rich cultural center. And bronze art is gradually mature in this unique cultural atmosphere, and then at the height of art, has become a symbol of the benin kingdom civilization. ( JH:页面) It is interesting to note that in west Africa are not producer of copper, copper is used in the earlier benin people camel caravan shipped from as far away as north Africa. At that time in west Africa, copper was a rare valuables. Later, with the arrival of the Portuguese, copper by sea from Europe a large number of transported into the benin kingdom, for the artisans cast can provide wider space, unique to Africa and into the bronze works of art. Has the ancient civilization in the history of the benin kingdom never used a word. Benin through casting or images of the sculpture in bronze or ivory record history. People can from the statue of the king and queen, which can reflect the court life relief sees the benin kingdom in different periods of the evolution process. While showing war scenes archways of pioneering territory of recording the kingdom. With the coming of the europeans, statues appeared in the foreigner's face. Kingdom of history so appeared in all kinds of bronze art and left to the later generations, and bronze art also in the process of historical more hasten is perfect. Benin bronze sculpture in the 13th century and then gradually evolved into a palace of art. At the time of king of benin to support the many art craftsmen, all of the works to the palace. Different sizes of character statues and reliefs of hunting and war scene decoration in the great hall of the palace, beams and corridors. In the 15th century to the 17th century, the benin kingdom of bronze works more realistic color, look more vivid. In the 19th century the slave trade to gobble up the continent of Africa, western colonialists started to carve up the land. With the benin kingdom of ancient civilization was destroyed in the fire of the British settlers, most of the bronze art treasures for looted and diaspora around the world. Bronze art in the western colonial plunder ill-fated. Nevertheless, bronze art casting and carving process is still showing strong vitality, the gulf of guinea in west Africa coastal countries still some folk stories. Although the benin kingdom of bronze culture last hundreds of years, however, but it was the kind of charm and charisma, fully reflects the African people rich ancient cultural traditions.
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