Beiyi baby xpe thickened folding crawling mat, cold and heat insulation for all seasons, paving the way for the healthy growth of babies

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
From learning to crawl to walking, the baby must be accompanied by a crawling mat. Because it is unhygienic to let the baby crawl on the ground directly, it will be contaminated with bacteria and affect the baby's health. At the same time, the surrounding tables, chairs, benches and hard floors will bump into the baby's delicate skin. It’s very important to prepare a safe and comfortable crawling mat for babies. Baby Bayi’s xpe thick folding crawling mat 1.6CM is newly launched, tasteless and relieved to lick, high resilience, no pain when falling, and heat insulation. , Waterproof and anti-fouling, lightly wipe, clean as new. Activeness is the baby's nature and creativity. The designer of Bayi added a high-pressure matte film to the surface of the crawling mat, which is not only wear-resistant but also non-skinning for long-term use. In addition, Beiyi baby xpe thickened folding crawling mat XPE original liner, environmentally friendly non-toxic plant color paste, safe and non-fading, double-sided PE matte film, isolation ink, safe licking, cold and heat insulation, suitable for all seasons, summer barrier The heat is not sticky, and the small PP is insulated from cold and moisture in winter. The natural XPE molecules of Beiyi's xpe thickened folding crawling mat are compressed at high density to form countless stable 3D honeycomb structures, which are enough to protect the raw eggs from falling from a height of 1 meter, so that the baby will not worry about falling. The double-L perception texture is skin-friendly and does not slip, and it can also massage the soles of your baby's feet, which is comfortable and non-slip, allowing your baby to learn to walk more securely.
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