Beile btoys baby soft rubber building blocks Jenga multiple play combinations and multiple fun

by:Ennas      2022-02-05
Simple toys can make the baby enjoyable experience and help the baby's early enlightenment and development. Beile btoys baby soft rubber building blocks Jenga is suitable for babies 6 months old and above. It extracts natural and unique organic colors and enriches them to help babies recognize colors. Moreover, the grasping, squeezing, stacking and other actions during the playing process help to improve the baby's hand-eye coordination. Bottoys baby soft rubber building blocks Jenga soft material can be used as teether, soy ink color, the baby can be assured of chewing. The surface corners are all rounded, without burrs and corners, so there is no need to worry about the safety of the baby. In addition, the stacking ring has three surface designs, granular, frosted, and smooth, and the stacking ring on the top of the Jenga has a thread design. The rotating motion helps the baby to exercise the fine hand movements and can give the baby a rich tactile experience. When the btoys baby soft rubber building blocks Jenga holds the building blocks, the airflow passes through the small holes and makes a tonal venting sound, which attracts the baby's attention and doubles the fun. At the same time, there are 3 types of blocks on the surface of the btoys baby soft rubber blocks Jenga, with a total of 60 three-dimensional embossed patterns. In the process of arranging the size of the stacking ring, it can help the baby develop the logical cognition of the sequence; each building block is printed with different animal patterns, which can help the baby to recognize the animal; the number on the building block corresponds to the figure and the number of animals to form a number Preliminary enlightenment to improve your baby's observation ability.
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