Beijing traditional handicraft promotion for country gift on the international stage

by:Ennas      2020-06-04
Cloisonne and carved lacquerware, jade, ivory is known as the four the top actor of Beijing arts and crafts, it is a bright pearl in the world of arts and crafts. Cloisonne has a long history, beautiful and elegant shape, bright color, gorgeous and colorful patterns, diverse varieties, gorgeous and elegant modelling elegant visual experience is all done by hand, condenses the maker talents of arts and crafts. Cloisonne, as a kind of fine art crafts, the number is on the surface of the bronze ware in all kinds of enamel painted decorative pattern, the pattern of gold and silver inlaid with copper wire or wire around, with a high degree of fire to burn. Just take out from the fire of cloisonne basic in black color, after waiting for its cooling to show colorful appearance. When the process began in the Ming dynasty XFX, and start-up only blue, so called cloisonne. Now, although all have, however, still use the previous name. Broadly, tire of copper in the Ming dynasty, many for copper, body slightly thick, so the modelling of the ancients, mainly used in the imitation bronze colored glaze are natural mineral material, deep and vivid color, red like ruby red, green like turquoise. Thicker, gilded parts silk device at the moment the goldwater thick. Most on the colored glaze has sand holes. There are & other; Daming XFX year & throughout; Or & other XFX year & throughout; There are both, bottom, BianKuan. Qing dynasty cloisonne process, higher than that of Ming dynasty has a thin, fine wire inlay, colored glaze and bright than the Ming dynasty, and without sand holes, decorative pattern design heavy and complicated and varied, but not as good as the decoration in Ming dynasty and vivid, gilded parts the goldwater thinner, but gold is very beautiful. During the period of the republic of China cloisonne overall level less than the former generation, and the tire body thin, bright colors have floating feeling, do manual work is coarser. At this time only & other; Jeez, & throughout; ,“ Dexing into & throughout; , cloisonne exquisitely made of good quality. Modelling more antique bronze, or copy of emperor qianlong, already are KeKuan. Now the display of cloisonne products more, do not do real things. Now greatly improved my cloisonne process, modelling diversity, grain variety, the price also let people easy to accept, therefore, has become our international friends and each other between us the best gift for friends and family. But contemporary understanding of cloisonne craft picture still stays in the book, one of the few truly appreciate a cloisonne work. Master Zhong Liansheng tooth temple design for Singapore in 2007 super cloisonne turned the wheel to hide, is currently the world's largest cloisonne. This project with more than 80 square meters of 'blooming flowers' cloisonne art fountain projects are implemented in cloisonne technology and art expression historic transcendency.
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