Beijing's business climate index has steadily rebounded

by:Ennas      2021-11-17

Under the influence of economic recovery and seasonal factors, in the second quarter of this year, Beijing's business climate index continued to rise steadily, reaching 138.1, an increase of 4.9 points from the first quarter, and exceeding 130 points for three consecutive quarters, but the prosperity level has not yet recovered to financial The pre-crisis state. This is the news jointly released by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the Beijing Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics on July 21.   According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, the Beijing Business Climate Index in the second quarter has four characteristics:    First, entrepreneurs are cautiously optimistic about economic judgments, and the confidence index has a slight correction. Under the influence of the deepening and spreading debt crisis in Europe, the intricate economic development situation and the influence of uncertain factors, some entrepreneurs have become more cautious in their macroeconomic judgments compared with the beginning of this year. The entrepreneur confidence index in the second quarter was 130.1, although it was 26.1 points higher than the same period last year. , But it dropped 1.4 points from the first quarter, ending the five consecutive quarters of rebound in the entrepreneur confidence index since the first quarter of 2009.   Second, the total economic volume has rebounded significantly, and the quality of the economy has steadily improved. In the second quarter, due to the increase in working days and the weakening of the impact of seasonal factors on the start of some industries, Beijing's economy showed a stable recovery trend and continued to expand in scale. The prosperous level of the total production index and the product ordering index have reached their highs in the past two years, but they are still recovering. The labor demand index has rebounded for 7 consecutive quarters. The profit (loss) change index rose to a two-year high.   Third, macro-control has achieved results, and policy effects have gradually emerged. The effect of the government's regulatory policies aimed at excessive credit growth and high housing prices has gradually emerged. The financing situation of Beijing's enterprises and the prosperity of the main real estate indicators have shown a downward adjustment trend. The business finance index and the loan default index have declined for three consecutive quarters. The real estate industry's prosperity index and entrepreneur confidence index rank at the bottom of the eight industries.   Fourth, the economic outlook is volatile, and many expectations indexes have been lowered. It is expected that the entrepreneur confidence expectation index will continue to decline slightly in the third quarter, and the labor demand expectation index, the fixed asset investment expectation index, the total production volume and the product order expectation index will also show a downward adjustment trend. Source: Website of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
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